Obama Winning Arizona: Plausible or Pipe Dream?

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I don't even...
In April, Arizona State University's Morrison Institute released a poll showing the race between President Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney in Arizona was essentially a "toss up."

Every poll since then pretty much shows the prez getting smoked.

According to the two latest polls in the Obama/Romney Arizona horse race, Romney's up by double digits.

Rasmussen Reports released its poll last week, showing Romney up 13 in the state.

Yesterday, Public Policy Polling released its most recent poll, showing 52 percent for Romney, 41 percent for Obama, and 7 percent who don't know what they're doing.

PPP showed a tie between Romney and Obama in February, and single-digit Romney leads in late May and early June.

In this most recent PPP poll, Romney has 46 percent of Arizona's independent voters, compared to 37 percent for Obama.

The Obama campaign seems to think Arizona's now a "swing state," but if polls are to be trusted, the state's only swinging one way.

That said, do you think Obama can win Arizona?

Cast your vote below:

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Arizona is largely Mormon, as is Romney.


Mormons didn't allow Blacks to hold their Priesthood until they got in trouble in the Media in the 1970's.


Sadly, Obama would need to paint himself white as he rode that "White" Unicorn in Arizona to win.



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