Oakland Raiders Come to Town, and While Not Entirely Surprising, Someone Did Get Shot

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The Oakland Raiders came to town on Friday to play some preseason football against the Arizona Cardinals, and someone got shot.

According to Glendale police, a man called police saying he'd "accidentally" shot another man in a parking lot just north of the University of Phoenix stadium, and waited at the scene near the victim until police arrived.

While it would seem like the Raiders just happened to be in town during an accidental shooting outside the stadium, Glendale police say there was a verbal altercation between the two men before the shooting, and the "incident appears to be fan based."

At the time of the shooting, there was still about an hour left before the game was over, so police say there weren't very many people outside at the time.

Police have not released the names of the men involved, and Glendale Police Officer Tracy Breeden released a statement to the media explaining why police are being a bit tight-lipped on the details.

"Detectives still have unanswered questions regarding the events that transpired [Friday]," Breeden writes. "Due to his condition, Detectives have not yet had an opportunity to interview the involved party that sustained a gunshot wound during the incident. It would be counterproductive to speculate as to what occurred when Detectives still have information to gather, and the Glendale Police Department would not want to do anything to compromise the investigation."

There are only a couple details about the men involved -- both men are Arizona residents, the  accidental shooter is 57, and the gunshot recipient is 30.

A statement from Glendale police explains that the department is not releasing any more details about the shooting right now, including the 9-1-1 call.

"Discussing details of the investigation at this point could negatively impact the case and compromise the investigation," the statement says.

The accidental shooter was taken into custody, questioned, and released, and police say potential charges are pending against both men.

As of Saturday, the man who was shot was in the hospital in stable condition, with non-life-threatening injuries.

As you may know, Raiders fans carry a stigma with them wherever they go -- aside from many of them dressing like this, police involvement isn't too uncommon.

The last time the Raiders played a regular-season game in Glendale -- in September 2010 -- a lady Raiders fan was Tased by police in the upper-level of the stadium in the middle of the game.

A Raiders fan was also shot outside the San Francisco 49ers' Candlestick Park last year, allegedly by a fellow Raiders fan. Another man was also found shot in the parking lot, and yet another man was beaten unconscious in the bathroom during the game.

Glendale police say they'll fill in the details on this shooting when they can, so we'll provide that update when it becomes available.

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Don't be surprised to find out that the gun-tard who is 57 years old is a typical gun-toting scumbag who fired upon a younger Raiders fan, who happened to be unarmed. And you Republicoon cowards call that "classy"?


I'm a Raiders-4-Life. 85207


They sure are a classy bunch. What do you expect when there are 300 ejections per game in oakland.


 @DOOLEY lol you are retarded. In other countries they follow soccer, Not American Football you faggot.


 @DOOLEY oh yeah there are so many of those "thugs" out there. 


 @Lone-Wolf I wouldn't at all be surprised if it was two Cardinals fans that got into a fight over why the Cardinals suck so fucking much.


 @Bigtom there were more ejections from the Cardinals games that a friend of mine went too. A bunch of people got drunk and when the game was out of control with the Cards losing bigtime they decided to riot with each other.


Keep it Classy AZ!

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