Michael Salman Disinformation Campaign Continues: Pastor Was in Tent City by Choice (Update: Maybe)

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UPDATE: MCSO now provides a different explanation. "Not an option if you are a sentenced inmate to time less than a year," spokeswoman Lisa Allen says. "That's where all convicted inmates go to serve their sentences unless mitigating circumstances prevent it....very poor health for example."

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Photo by Matthew Hendley
Pastor Michael Salman inside the day room at Tent City.
The tales from pastor/ex-gang member Michael Salman and his attorneys keep coming, and people keep eating it up.

Salman has portrayed himself as a victim of religious persecution since he was found guilty of 67 misdemeanors related to an illegal building he erected in his backyard, and his attorneys from the Rutherford Institute have claimed that his religious rights have been violated during his 60-day jail sentence in Tent City.

Not a single one of the claims from Salman or his attorneys in this case has been recognized as legitimate, including allegations of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and company of violating his "right to hold Bible studies in jail" -- which the sheriff's staff wasn't even aware of until New Times started asking questions.

The latest complaint from team Salman is his stay at Tent City.

While still alleging religious persecution, Rutherford Institute founder John Whitehead has passed off a story about a victimized Salman being locked up for no reason in the greatest hellhole on earth.

"This is where you would put Osama bin Laden, not Michael Salman," Whitehead told one Christian group.

Whitehead even penned the following as part of his campaign, which was posted on the Huffington Post:

It is in this Guantanamo-like facility, surrounded by hardened criminals and subjected to all manners of degradation and hardship that Michael Salman -- who was fined more than $12,000 and sentenced to 60 days in jail starting on July 9, 2012, for the so-called "crime" of holding a weekly Bible study in his Phoenix home, allegedly in violation of the city's building codes -- is incarcerated.

But the Rutherford Institute has good news today for those relying on blind faith into following Salman's tales of martyrdom.

"Following unrelenting pressure from The Rutherford Institute and a general public outcry over the incarceration in Tent City Jail of a Phoenix man who is serving a 60-day jail sentence for using his private residential property to host weekly Bible studies, allegedly in violation of the city's building codes, Phoenix officials have transferred Michael Salman to a newer, indoor facility for the remainder of his sentence," the organization announced today.

In reality, it was Salman's choice to be in Tent City.

"...[T]he inmate can say that he does not want to go/stay at tents and we will move the inmate to another facility," MCSO spokesman Jeff Sprong tells New Times.

As usual, myth busted.

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When are you going to investigate Whitehead at "Rutherford Institute?" He's making money off a people by propping up these FAKE $torie$. I've done my piece on Salman. He even had the audacity to come to my post and leave a comment. It's time to bust open the Rutherford quagmire.


I ran across a site that was raising money for him. They had gotten almost $900 toward a goal of 100K. I think he's lost any traction he may have gotten.

ptcgaz topcommenter

BTW I find it funny that he would "willingly go to jail" and then whine and bitch and try and twist arms with his persecution complex that is unfounded and basically amounts to nothing. Poor christian dill weed. And people wonder why I am an atheist.

Tommy_Collins like.author.displayName 1 Like

What, I wonder is the difference between the MCSO shurf and the very phony pastor?




I suppose.

ptcgaz topcommenter

 @Tommy_Collins that and one has a badge to hide behind the other doesn't? 



mmmirele like.author.displayName 1 Like

You know, if people like Michael Salman can so casually lie about why they're in jail, and it's proven to be false, then why on earth should anyone believe them when they claim to know the truth of salvation and how to get to heaven? They could be lying about that, too.



 Many of those who are incarcerated tend to find Jesus at some point during their tenure. Most forget about the mythical spirit after incarceration. It appears perhaps Mr. Salman simply found a money pit in Jesus. Conjecture, of course...

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