Matt Salmon Makes the Revolving Door Turn Once More, Defeats Kirk Adams

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Matt Salmon

Republican Congressman-turned-lobbyist Matt Salmon is now a Republican nominee for Congress in Arizona's Fifth Congressional District, after he defeated former state House Speaker Kirk Adams last night.

The win all but assures him the Congressional seat in the heavily Republican district, though he will face a Democratic challenger in November.

Given Salmon's time on K Street, Adams had some material to work with, but Salmon had the money and GOP support.

Salmon did have some goofy and strange moments during his campaign, but nothing that quite compared with the David Schweikert/Ben Quayle shouting match:

Salmon topped Adams 54 percent to 46 percent, and probably can put his campaign on cruise control for the general election, since he shouldn't have trouble getting the majority of votes from the Mormon-laden district.

"This is a great win, but now we turn out sights towards November and the General Election," Salmon said in his cookie-cutter victory statement. "We will take nothing for granted and will do everything we need to make sure that we win in November. In addition, we will be turning our attention towards standing up to President Obama and making sure that he does not receive another term. Our future is at stake."

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I went to highschool with Matt, he was a good guy and a friend. I remember how idealistic he was, how much of a difference he wanted to make. I remember him keeping his promise on not running more than 3 terms .... and then watched as he became a lobbiest and seemed to become exactly the kind of politician he had so disliked when he was younger.  It saddens me that he became a voice for hire and pretty much stopped being his own man. I think he is a better choice than Adams would have been, but I trully wish for the Matt-that-was that he would stop running for office, stop being a lobbiest, and get a job with some dignity.

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