Latina Carr's Boyfriend Got a Call From Another Woman -- an Allegedly Stab-Worthy Offense

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Latina Carr -- not a fan of other women.
If your new girlfriend's name is Latina Carr, you may want to take our advice and not give your phone number to another woman.

That's because her last boyfriend was hiding in a bathroom at 6 a.m. yesterday, telling police Carr just stabbed him for allegedly getting a call from another woman.

Gilbert police got the ring at 5:57 a.m. Sunday, as the 35-year-old man said Carr had just stabbed him in the back with a knife.

Police say the man reported that he had locked himself in Carr's bathroom and would be "taking refuge" there until the cops showed up.

Police showed up and arrested Carr, 39, without incident.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, the stabbing was the result of Carr's allegedly getting a phone call from another woman -- who we'll assume wasn't his mother.

The man refused to call the woman back at Carr's request so Carr grabbed her boyfriend's phone to try to call the woman back.

Carr's boyfriend wasn't about to let that happen. They played tug-of-war with the phone until Carr went to the kitchen and came back double-fisting a pair of knives.

According to the court documents, Carr banged on the bathroom door after her boyfriend barricaded himself in there, as she shouted that her boyfriend better "come out swinging."

At some point during this, she started stabbing the door with the butcher knife.

The stabbing victim was taken to a hospital, but his injuries weren't life-threatening.

Carr was jailed on charges of aggravated assault, criminal damage, and aggravated assault.

Under a field of choices for "domestic-violence issues" in the court documents filed by police, the box titled "Control/ownership/jealousy issues" was checked, as well as prior instances of domestic violence.

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Run my friend,  RUN NOW


i personall know latina carr,,,and she is in no way the type of person that the news article portrays her to be....lets keep it 200%....everyone is only getting on side of the story...and that side of the story is what the press wants you to view....none of us were their when the shit went down...if he was a man when he was out their doing what he was doing,,,then he should of MANN'ED up when his ass got caught!....when your in a loving relationship you cant play with peoples emotions and feelings....and oviously he wasnt thinking with his head...he was thinking with his i would of WHOOPED his ass lets not be quick to judge her....and praise him!!!!


Low Man Voice: "Hi my name is Latina"....... Same low man voice: "Hi my name is Janet Napolitano" heheheh


Lady looks like a dude!


That's not a woman .that's a man more time chasing the dragon was too much for it!


 @sexxxy69 4sho. Could b seen that way. And from my understanding he did nothing but MANN'ED and was truthful. And lets not keep it 200%, lets just keep it as they are the only 2people  who no what happened that nite.


Now a few facts. Latina in not his girlfriend they are just friends. And the other woman that called was his actual girlfriend who knew that he was over Latina house and that they are friends.  Latina always wanted it to be  more but the feeling wasn't mutual and that had been expressed a number of times. What will sum it up tho, is that to much of a good drink can bring up certain feelings and emotions that you cant control when it comes to this certain  person who she obviously  has more than friendship feelings for.


And as far as WHOOPING his ass over this situation at her age NO. She has worked to hard to get to were she is and deserves to be at the point her life is at now. She let herself and some others down. She should be out enjoying her accomplishments and living life to the fullest no matter ,what wont happen or what hand life has dealt. Not sitting in jail facing 7 years for some guy who wasnt her boyfriend or husband. 



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