Joe Arpaio Picks Michael Salman to Kick Off Tent City Birthday Festivities; Moon Pies Will Be Served

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is officially out of ideas for Tent City birthday parties, as this year, inmates will eat moon pies in a celebration kicked off by convict/pastor Michael Salman.

The gulag turns 19 tomorrow, and the plans aren't nearly as good as last year's -- as you may recall, Arpaio had a duet with an Elvis impersonator as female inmates threw pink panties at him.

Instead, the inmates get a "short invocation" from Salman, the man who's trying to con America into thinking he's in jail for studying the Bible with a few friends.

The Sheriff's Office has apparently tasted the Kool-Aid in Salmantown, based on its explanation of who he is.

"Pastor Salman, who was investigated by City of Phoenix officials and sentenced to 60 days in the Sheriff's jail by a City Magistrate for holding a bible study at his Phoenix home without having the proper permits, volunteered his services for the anniversary," the MCSO press release says.

Salman's also the one who accused Arpaio and company of violating his "right to hold Bible studies in jail," which resulted in Salman's attorneys issuing a "warning" to Arpaio.

MCSO says the food will be more "austere" this year, as the inmates get "donated" moon pies and peanut butter before they watch a "videotaped presentation" of the jail they're sitting in.

Photo by James King
Last year's shit-show.

Arpaio's still trying to convince the world that Tent City is just the greatest idea ever, and says it's been featured in "thousands of news stories around the world."

You can find a few of them below:

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When the moon pies are handed out, the inmates should toss them on the ground and stomp on them. Who wants to celebrate a concentration camp life? 


I just got off the phone with ICE about an hour ago and they confirmed to me that their detainers are not an option.  They are mandatory.


Who Cares?


Just another Media Whore Ploy at re-election time.




Apaio belongs in tent city.


I think it should be celebrated by rolling out Joe in a pair of pink boxers with a big candle stuck up his ass and a mouth full of sparklers.


I don't think you are a Joe fan. I think you are just some fool that Joe is paying to right the crap you write. Or you are doing this for punishment instead of going to jail. You made a deal.

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