Jared Loughner Possibly Pleading Guilty in Tucson Massacre, Likely Wouldn't Be Executed

Pima County Sheriff's Department
Jared Loughner
Jared Loughner -- the lone suspect in last year's shooting that killed six people and injured 13, including then-Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords -- is planning on entering a guilty plea this week, according to some anonymous people.

The Los Angeles Times said this weekend that Loughner's set to plead guilty tomorrow, and mental-health pros says he's competent to understand the charges, according to its "knowledgeable sources."

The Associated Press, citing "a person familiar with the case," says the plea deal would send Loughner to prison for life.

The U.S. District Court's schedule in the case still shows that a status conference is set for tomorrow, but the L.A. Times says he's changing his plea.

Loughner faces 49 federal charges related to the January 8, 2011, shooting, but the Times doesn't have the details of what that plea includes.

The AP doesn't offer up any extra details on the rumored life-in-prison plea.

The issue over Loughner's competency had been in the courts for a while, as doctors were trying to "restore his competency" to stand trial.

Some of that was done through forced medication, although not everyone agreed with that move.

In March, an appeals court let the forced medication to go forward, although one of the three judges on that panel thought it could have compromised Loughner's right to a fair trial.

"Assuming Loughner will put on an insanity defense, manifestations in court of how his mind works may well be his own best evidence," appeals court Judge Marsha Berzon wrote. "Because psychotropic medication chemically alters the brain, it 'deprives the jury of the opportunity to observe the defendant in the delusional state he was in at the time of the crime.'"

There may have been "no point" to restore his competency if the medicating was unconstitutional, she said.

That issue hasn't been raised in Loughner's rumored change of plea.

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Jason Roberts
Jason Roberts

We need to use this monster as an example that we will not tolerate Right Wing Extremists like Laughner. Give him the injection to end his life.

Chris Longski
Chris Longski

So, like, get rid of the system that keeps detritus like him out of the hands of people like Paul Westcott. And replace it with WHAT ?

Paul Westcott
Paul Westcott

Spending taxpayer dollars to keep this worthless turd alive is such a waste.

Ash Fenix
Ash Fenix

I thought it did under law cause its a politition?

Jesse Adams
Jesse Adams

So kill a judge and attempted murder of a politician won't get you executed these days?


What none of these stories has explained is what the state of Arizona will do with state homicide charges.  He can be tried and convicted in state court, even after a guilty plea in federal court. 


Any chances of a real journalist calling county and state prosecutors to ask them if they are going to ask for the death penalty?


He deserves to be executed in Public. 


And Sarah Palin should have to watch the execution.


I still can't believe Sarah Palin put a Gun Sight Target on Gabriel Giffords Office, and told Tea Party Whacko's":  Don't Retreat, Reload."


As Mrs. Giffords said: "There are consequences to our actions."


To: Justice.


 @JoeArpaioFan He deserves to be locked in a box for the rest of his life. Death's too good for him. Let him live with his crimes for a few more decades before he sees the relief of death.

shadeaux14 topcommenter

 @JoeArpaioFan Just the comment I would expect from a weak mind such as yours. I'll bet you're anti abortion too.

robert_graham topcommenter

 @shadeaux14 No, I actually believe in abortion because there are too many Hispanics in this world.

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