Greg Stanton, Phoenix Mayor, Sustains Broken Nose and Possible Bruised Ego During His WNBA Debut

For whatever reason, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton really wanted to play basketball with the Phoenix Mercury, the two-time WNBA champions. He tried, and based on the 22 seconds of footage here, he didn't do so well.

A few seconds in, you can clearly see that Stanton leaves his assignment, DeWanna Bonner, and he gets stuck under the hoop with several women who are much larger than him.

Stanton then goes up for a rebound, and takes what appears to be a 'bow to the face from Nakia Sanford.

The mayor actually made a video pleading to join the team's practice squad, which he probably thought was a good idea before his face got rearranged.

Stanton confirmed via Twitter that he has a broken nose, and will be watching WNBA action from the stands.

Mayor Stanton's Twitter
The face of defeat.

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favoriti 1 Like

I knew this kid Stanton in High School. He was such a worm then. Look at that fag, oh my God I'm ashamed to have come from the same continent as that douche. Democrat for sure.

Dirkston 1 Like

What a friggin puss. Dear God that is embarassing. Put a cotex on it you wuss.

Bnbk 1 Like

Mr. Mayor,it may be a good idea if you are a bit more careful while enjoying your chosen hobby. You may want to ease into a sport like basketball,afterall it is a contact sport and these women are professional athletes. You may consider joining an adult league,you know non-professional......By the way my son says he can take you one on one,how about it.


According to the player in the video, he tried to grab her boobs and that's when this happened...

Tommy_Collins 2 Like

Had this incident involved one of the adult Pearce brothers both the nose and at least one finger would have been broken at the same time.

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