Cathi Herrod Unknowingly Tries to Link Republicans to Family Research Council Shooting

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No one asked for lobbyist Cathi Herrod's opinion on the shooting of a security guard at the headquarters of the Family Research Council, but she gave it anyway.

Herrod's the president of the Center for Arizona Policy -- one of the Family Research Council's state-level organizations -- and pointed to "heinous rhetoric" as the reason why anyone would want to commit an act of violence against their organization.

A man shot a security guard at the Family Research Council's Washington D.C. headquarters last week, allegedly over the organization's anti-gay policies.

Herrod took to a blog post to express her opinion -- which is one of the few ways the public gets to hear from the head of the organization that credits itself with the creation of more than 100 "family values" laws in Arizona.

"The shooting is a tragedy that we can ill afford to disregard," she writes. "The sad reality is that because of the over-the-top rhetoric of our opponents, [the Family Research Council, the Center for Arizona Policy], and our allied organizations must be constantly vigilant of fringe fanatics that oppose our work and want to carry out violence against us."

Herrod cites the Human Rights Campaign -- which just recently labeled the Family Research Council a "hate group" -- as well as "homosexual advocacy groups," and people who just keep calling them "bigots and extremists."

And in Arizona, Herrod adds that the Center for Arizona Policy is subject to this same treatment.

"The truth is that this type of hate-filled speech isn't isolated to D.C.," she writes. "In the last year alone, one state Senator called me a 'legislative terrorist,' while the Arizona Capitol Times ran an editorial comparing CAP to the Taliban and the Gestapo."

That "legislative terrorist" remark came from state Senate Minority Leader David Schapira -- who's currently running for Congress in the state's Ninth Congressional District -- as he's under the firm belief that Herrod is the one responsible for killing his anti-bullying legislation.

We checked in with Schapira to see how he felt about being accused of inciting violence within the "fringe fanatic" department, and the Democrat brought out the irony in Herrod's comments -- he'd borrowed the "legislative terrorist" term from some Republicans who used that same label to describe Herrod.

"I wasn't the author of that," Schapira told New Times. "It was actually Republican staffers [at the Capitol] who referred to her as that."

"Legislative terrorism" aside, Schapira noted Herrod's alleged comment about his bullying bill -- that it was a "backdoor gay bill, no pun intended."

"You want to talk about hateful speech?" Schapira asked. "That's hateful."

Regardless of Herrod's unintentionally ironic comment about being called a "legislative terrorist," Schapira didn't really find any of Herrod's comments appropriate.

"Violence is never a legitimate political tool," he said. "Nor is it responsible for her to use this event as a political football, to draw herself into this story."

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Ms. Herrod belongs in prison for both tax fraud and hate crimes.  


Eli, the neighboring young, vampire in the fun Swedish film

"Let the Right One In" knows how to take care of bullies like Cathi Herrod and her ilk.


Mommie, can I watch?


Gee that's not what they say when a liberal gets shot by a crazed supporter of the Republicants.

david_saint01 topcommenter

id like to have a debate with Herrod over religion, and other issues like the Constitution. I doubt she would ever do it though. 


Once Ms. Herrod takes responsibility for promoting the incendiary language the resulted in the March 10, 1993 murder of Dr. David Gunn, the July 29, 1994 murder of Dr. John Britton and James Barret and injuries to June Barret; the  December 30, 1994 murders of Shannon Lowney and Lee Ann Nichols and the injuries to five others; the  January 29, 1998 murder of Robert Sanderson and disfiguring injuries to Emily Lyons; the 1997 attempted murder of Dr. David Gandell; and the October 23, 1998 murder of Dr. Barnett Slepian and the May 31, 2009 murder of Dr. George Tiller we will then begin to worry about her safety as well.  Until then she can f#*^ off.


So.........     the "fringe lunatics" have to be  vigilant  of fringe lunatics.


Somewhat redundant?


 @shadeaux14 I think you meant to say:

"the "fringe lunatics" have to be vigilant of [the] fringe fanatics."


We're talking about the classic "Us vs. Them" mentality here.


 @shadeaux14 I think this means Herrod gets really afraid when she sees herself in a mirror.

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