Do You Feel Sympathy for Executed Murderer Daniel Cook?

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Arizona Department of Corrections
Daniel Cook was executed at 11:03 a.m. yesterday morning in Florence.
Daniel Cook was executed in Florence yesterday for the 1987 strangulation murders of 16-year-old Kevin Swaney and 26-year-old Carlos Cruz-Ramos in Lake Havasu City.

Cook represented himself when he originally was sentenced to the death penalty for his heinous crimes. At some point after his conviction, a defense team filed an appeal for Cook. After an extensive psychological and emotional evaluation, defense lawyers discovered that Cook had an extremely traumatic childhood.

The report found that Cook was abused from infancy all the way through most of his teenage years. His parents, grandparents, step-father, step-brothers, and foster parents physically and sexually abused him on countless occasions throughout his childhood, according to the evaluation.

Among the many abuses Cook endured growing up included his father's burning his penis with a cigarette when he was an infant, rape and molestation throughout childhood by his mother and grandparents, and a group-home leader's forcing him to undergo circumcision when he was 15.

Cook's victims were found with injuries consistent with the abuses Cook suffered as a child. He burned the genitals of one of his victims with a cigarette, sodomized him, then crushed his throat with a metal pipe, according to the ADC report.

The evaluation concluded that the mental and emotional abuses Cook suffered severely affected his cognitive functioning and reasoning abilities and that a confluence of bad breaks, mental disturbance, and drug addiction led to his uncharacteristic but mortifying actions. The defense team acknowledged that he must pay for his crimes but that he shouldn't have been executed.

The prosecuting attorney said he wouldn't have sought the death penalty had he known of Cook's troubled past.

This morning's question: do you feel any sympathy for Cook?

Cast your vote below:

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ConcernedCitizenAZ topcommenter

The poll asks if you feel sympathy which should not have been the questions. This is NOT about "sympathy". Gruesome murders are unbearable to read about.  


The question should have been, "do you approve of the death penalty or should the death penalty  be abolished?".  The death penalty will not and has not stopped the next depraved murderer or rapist. Do you think this man or others thought about it?


This is about whether a civilized nation should have the death penalty -- a barbaric process that is morally and ethically wrong. In a pro-life, religious state like Arizona, the death penalty seems like utter hypocrisy! 


ConcernedCitizenAZ topcommenter

What man/woman should determine who lives and who dies?



This is nothing but pre-meditated murder by the state. Get informed folks, take the time to listen to the wardens and the Georgia Warden on the eve of Troy Davis execution -- there was doubt and the decision to execute him was made by the Parole Board. The Georgia Warden described the gruesome process of preparing for an execution. The state employees trained to kill and after many years the damage done to those who participated. It's time to stop the politicization of the Death Penalty and save hundreds of millions of taxpayers' $$$'s. There is no greater punishment than a life sentence in Arizona's dysfunctional prison system. The "elected" Governor should not be playing God with peoples' lives and should NOT be making the decision. Think Texas Governor Rick Perry -- executing the innocent -- Todd Willingham. 

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Whoever the group home leader was, he needs to be outed.  Although I am

opposed to capital punishment, I agree with the clemency board in this case.

As long as death is available as a remedy, my evil side says "kill 'em" when

dealing with the worst of the worst criminals.  It's horrible what happened to

Mr. Cook while he was a ward of the state but that fact doesn't diminish the

sheer depravity of what he did.  Getting back to the group home leader, does

anyone know his identity?  Where he lives?  No matter how long his sentence

for his unspeakable crimes was, it wasn't enough.  This guy needs to be found

and constantly reminded of what he did to Mr. Cook.  I doubt whether this guy

regrets what he did.


Another result of the state's inability to protect children. What he became was created by his abusers and if anybody deserved the death penalty, it was them.

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