David Schweikert's "Goes Both Ways" Ad: Innocent Mailer or Dirty Politicking?

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David Schweikert would know...
Congressman David Schweikert's ad saying his primary opponent, Congressman Ben Quayle, "goes both ways," presumably achieved its intended purpose -- it actually got people's attention, instead of being tossed straight in the trash.

It didn't necessary make everyone happy, as Senator Jon Kyl -- who's endorsed Quayle -- called it "what can only be described as the strangest of allusions to sexuality..."

The Schweikert campaign mailer has Quayle's photo on one side, next to the phrase, "He goes both ways..." On the other side of the mailer, it clarifies, "..on important conservative issues."

"It not only misrepresents Ben Quayle's positions on important issues, it includes what can only be described as the strangest of allusions to sexuality that have no place in a political debate," Kyl says through the Quayle campaign. "Such campaign tactics insult the voters, degrade politics and expose those who stoop to them as unworthy of high office. All Republicans and all Arizonans should join in demanding that Rep. Schweikert apologize and clean up his campaign communications."

The Arizona Republic took a look at it a few days after we posted it here, quoting Schweikert's campaign spokesman who said anyone who thinks there's something sexual in that ad "should get their minds out of the gutter."

You can read that piece here, in which two political scientists say the ad looks like Schweikert's trying to say Quayle's bisexual.

What do you think? Is that an innocent ad and everyone's minds are in the gutter, or is that some dirty politicking?

Cast your vote below:

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The double entendre is certainly there. However, I believe it's Ben who mentioned at one time that his moral compass was very broken. Who knows what direction he may have gone....


Frankly, if I would be suspicious of either of them "going both ways", it would be Schweikert. He's kind of metrosexual at the least.


Come on folks, Take a good look at any picture of little Benny and tell me he doesn't relax by throwing on a leather bustier, fishnet stockings, and hot pink stilettos.


 @SnarlWarl I had always figured Quayle for the gay man. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Being up front about it would cost him his right wing political career, though.


 @shadeaux14 Come on now, you don't know anything about his preferences in lingerie.

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