David Schweikert Supporters Go Banana-Hammock Shopping for Ben Quayle

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National Horizon
David Schweikert supporters went shopping for a swimsuit shaped like men's briefs for Ben Quayle.
Oh boy, the scandal involving Congressman Ben Quayle is getting sexy -- so sexy that supporters of his primary opponent went shopping for a floral-print banana hammock for Quayle.

National Horizon, a "super PAC" supporting Congressman David Schweikert, decided to pull a gag by sending a speedo to Quayle.

A letter also came with that speedo, which National Horizon claims it shipped over to Quayle's office in north Phoenix:

Dear Congressman Quayle,

Please accept with our vest best wishes the enclosed Speedo swimsuit for your use on any future junkets to the Holy Land!

Your work for The Dirty Scottsdale adult website certainly turned out to be better preparation for your service in Congress than anyone could have imagined.

In the time of record voter dissatisfaction with Washington, it takes a lot to further embarrass Congress. But you, Ben, were up to the task.

Of course, you could still do one honorable thing during your tenure as a Congressman. You could accept responsibility for your reckless behavior and resign.

If you do bow out, please keep the Speedo as a token of our esteem. Let's face it, you'll soon be out of office regardless.


Nelson Warfield

Quayle wasn't accused of too much in the story from Politico, which hinged on Kansas Congressman Kevin Yoder hopping in the lake naked, and the FBI investigating the trip -- which didn't actually happen.

Quayle was accused of hopping in the lake -- not naked -- and was possibly accused of seeing Yoder hop in butt-naked.

Quayle insists he didn't see any of that, but only "entered the Sea of Galilee very briefly to secure a jar of water so my daughter could be baptized with it."

Schweikert was also on the trip, and at least some folks at the Capitol think the whole Politico story came from Schweikert -- although his campaign has denied that.

Either way, here's a larger picture of a man sending an underwear-shaped swimsuit to another man:

National Horizon
P.S. Try it on and send back pictures.

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Just remember, dont wear it if you are planning a trip to the salt river

fairymagic13 like.author.displayName 1 Like

 @tom10545az I've swum down the Salt in a speedo many a time. In fact our whole swim team (Chandler Marlins) swam the Salt practically every weekend for 6 summers in a row!  No tubes, just a speedo and tennis shoes.   Best exercise ever.  Really got us in shape and had fun too.  The only tube was the water and pop coolers and of course the coach and his wife.  We're talking almost 125 trips over that period of time, with JUST A SPEEDO along with 40 other swimmers of all ages, all in speedos.   This was a period of time from 1966 to 1972.  There were no buses.  The Salt River was a lot nicer then though - not so much trash.  Almost everyone tubing at that time knew better than to leave trash at the river.  Nowadays the idiots don't give a shit and the river looks like crap!




 You missed the joke - a dirty old guy wearing a Speedo was arrested last week for allegedly exposing himself along the Salt River.

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