Daniel Patterson Free From Domestic-Violence Charges, Which Were Part of Ethics Complaint

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Former state Representative Daniel Patterson.
Former Democratic state Representative Daniel Patterson was acquitted of the domestic-violence charges -- part of an ethics complaint that would eventually cause him to resign from the House.

"Court finds me NOT GUILTY on all DV charges pushed by Tucson City Atty & haters," Patterson posted on Twitter. "Truth & justice win! AZ politicians dissed my voters."

While it was initially believed that the ethics complaint lodged against him was created over those charges, that did not end up being the case.

Among other things, a report done on behalf of the ethics committee claimed Patterson routinely ignored House rules, verbally abused, assaulted, and harassed a bunch of people at the Capitol, was possibly violating court orders, and tried to trade sex for his vote on a bill.

The report also noted a Facebook post from Patterson's ex-girlfriend -- the one who claimed domestic violence -- recanting her story of being a victim, which seemed pretty odd to many people.

Patterson told New Times the day that word got out about the domestic-violence allegations that they were "completely false" claims, and later posted on Twitter that the accusations were "lies from person w bad mental problems & violent criminal history trying to blackmail me."

Still, the ethics complaint hinged on much more than the domestic-violence allegations against him, although Patterson maintained the charges and his ex-girlfriend's attempted order of protection against him were the reasoning behind it.

Patterson continued to insist throughout the ethics process that he deserved a full hearing with witnesses testimony and the whole bit, calling for "proper due process." Some of his fellow legislators have said he's been given all the due process necessary.

Democratic representatives -- Patterson's former caucus-mates, until he switched his affiliation to Independent -- had been calling for his resignation for weeks, and he eventually resigned in April.

"I have been forced to resign due to the fact that the House has become a very hostile work environment for me," Patterson said in his resignation letter. "Due to this, I am no longer able to serve my constituents in the way they deserve."

Patterson had applied to be a member of a planning and zoning commission in Silver City, New Mexico, in May -- until folks found out about it.

He now lists himself as a regional director of the non-profit group Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility.

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Some Man should punch this bullying, pussy, ginger douchebag.


Okay, if I was a Democrat in the Arizona Legislature (which is dominated entirely by Republicants), I'd have been pitching a fit too.  New Times always yelps about spineless legislators  - how do you talk to people who want to take away a woman's right to chose, or violate the rights of U.S. Citizens with their paper's please laws, or arrest and imprison cancer patients for growing their own medicine anyway?  Politely, like Krysten Sinema?  Say you "Love" Pearce? New Times is always ragging on her for being "polite" to the other Republicant legislators. 


Which New Times is it I'm reading today - the one who wants our Democratic legislators to be assertive and take the risk of being called rude or is it the New Times who complain that the Dems are spineless and go along to get along like Sinema? 




Mathew if this is an article on Daniel Patterson why do you have a picture of Rusty from that Cher movie Mask with it?


If ignoring Senate rules, verbally abusing, assaulting, and harassing a bunch of people at the Capitol, was possiblyviolating court orders, and tried to trade sex for his vote on a bill were ethical lapses then how in the hell did Pearce remain in the State Senate for so long.  OK, no allegations against Pearce for trying to trade sex for votes..........Thank God.


 @LegitQuestions Remember, he was dealing with Republicants - I say that, as a member of the loyal opposition, he was doing what he was supposed to be doing - getting on peoples nerves and trying to break the Republicant strangle hold on our legislature!  As for the sex - when is telling someone that you'd vote for his bill if he would kiss your ass called "sex."


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