Carl David Evans, Federal Prison Kitchen Supervisor, Arrested by FBI and Accused of Trading Food & Smokes for Sex With Inmates

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The Federal Correctional Institution, Phoenix -- a.k.a. Pleasure Palace.

Before performing oral sex on an inmate, prison kitchen supervisor Carl David Evans allegedly told the inmate he'd end up behind bars himself if they got caught.

What a know-it-all.

Evans, an employee at the Federal Correctional Institution in Phoenix, 37900 North 45th Avenue, was arrested on Tuesday by the FBI in connection with a scheme to have sex with two male inmates. According to a complaint filed in U.S. District Court, (and first published by the Smoking Gun Web site), Evans leveraged his position of authority to satisfy his sexual needs, doling out a few packs of cigarettes and food in return.

The Phoenix facility housed 1,115 inmates as of last week and employs about 300 people.

In his complaint, FBI agent Tyler Woods writes that he'd received information that Evans had been engaging in oral sex with a prisoner identified in the document only as "E.D." The sex was said to be occurring in a food storage room known to be a video-camera blind spot, and to which only prison staff members had the key.

The FBI installed a hidden camera in the room on August 16, just after Evans got back from a scheduled leave. The recording covered Evans eight-hour shifts from August 19 to 23, and Woods reviewed the footage a few days later.

Woods saw that on August 22, the FBI had filmed a gay porn movie starring Evans and two inmates.

The video shows Evans, E.D. and "J.I.," another inmate, walk into the storage area, where Evans asks if "they are ready to suck some dick." Evans locks the door behind them, and the illicit menage a trois begins. The graphic report describes how Evans -- dressed in his uniform -- turns his baseball cap around for more clearance as he performs fellatio on E.D., who's sitting on a sack of food. Meanwhile J.I., on his knees, goes to town on Evans' crotch. They change positions, and J.I. gets a cigarette when they're done.

E.D. later told Woods that his relationship with Evans began in April, after he started work as a cook in the kitchen. Evans took him into the storage room and demanded to let him perform oral sex on E.D., telling him to "just imagine that Evans was a female."

He had oral sex every two weeks or so with Evans, for a total of 15-20 times, he claimed. Evans would regularly give him food, plus a pack of cigarettes every two weeks that E.D. would sell to other inmates for $130 to $150. The prison supervisor was very sexually aggressive, making constant sexual comments and touching E.D. on his butt and nipples, the inmate told Woods in an interview. They had anal sex once, too, E.D. spilled.

Woods also interviewed J.I., who told the agent he'd had oral sex with Evans and E.D. a few times since early August.

The report also describes how Evans once swiped a box of chocolate Pop-Tarts from the kitchen and passed them out to several inmates -- apparently thinking ahead.

Evans was arrested at the Phoenix facility on Tuesday and brought to FBI headquarters in downtown Phoenix. The FBI referred comment to the U.S. Attorney's Office in Phoenix; we're waiting for a response to an e-mail.

Evans was released from custody on Thursday after agreeing to attend all court dates and abstain from alcohol, court paperwork shows.

The FBI wants Evans charged with two counts of sexual abuse of a ward and one count of providing contraband to a prisoner.

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listen. to those of you typing rude comments on this. its my step grandfather. dont ask why he did it or anything im only 19 and just realise that no matter what he has family and every comment you make hurts them. my mom always taught me that if you cant say anything nice dont say anything at all. and i cant control what you say or do. we all have the right to say how we feel all i ask is for you to really think before you write. imagine if this was your grandfather or dad. how would these comments make you feel


When is the video coming out? It sounds SO hot. I can't wait to see it.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Pics or it didn't happen ...


Maybe Paul Baboon will hire him as his personal assistant after he serves his prison sentence. He seems to be well qualified for the position(s).


OK, realistically, how can they punish this guy? Put him in a male prison? Something like turning the kid loose in the candy store. (or maybe the fudge shop)


As much as we would like to believe this was about sex, it was about power and the abuse of that power.  No more, no less.


fucking gross. al;l three should be shot


Don't drop the soap.

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