Brian Fortner Pegged by MCSO as Owner of Duffel Bag Full of Kiddie Porn -- Because He Left His Driver's License in It

Brian Fortner, alleged duffel-bag owner.
How could the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office possibly track down the owner of a duffel bag full of kiddie porn that was tossed in a dumpster in the Northwest Valley?

In 27-year-old Brian Fortner's case, investigators probably just had to look at his driver's license -- which he allegedly left in the duffel bag full of kiddie porn.

On July 28, a man noticed someone drive up to the dumpster, toss a duffel bag in there, and drive off.

According to the Sheriff's Office, this man believed he'd just watched someone throw away "what appeared to be a perfectly good duffel bag," so he went to go retrieve it.

Turns out, that "perfectly good duffel bag" was loaded with kiddie porn, according to the MCSO, and the gentleman who recovered the bag also found a driver's license with the name Brian Fortner.

Shortly after the man recovered the duffel bag, he watched the same guy who dumped the bag drive back to the dumpster, rummage through it, and drive away again.

The man called in the license plate number to the MCSO -- telling investigators what he found in the duffel bag -- and noted that the guy who came back dumpster-diving looked a lot like the guy on the license.

The MCSO found that the license plate was indeed registered to Fortner, and after detectives took the "perfectly good duffel bag" from its new owner, a "sexual maturity rating" found that the kiddos in the pictures were younger than 13 years old.

Fortner was arrested Thursday after a warrant was served on his Peoria home, as the MCSO seized his computer and a few other items.

According to the Sheriff's Office, Fortner admitted to finding the child pornography on the Internet and printing it out.

Fortner faces 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.

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