Arizona State University's Party-School Reputation Apparently Dead at Age 25

Perfect decor for the ASU campus.
After a 25-year run as one of the nation's top party schools, Arizona State University's party-school reputation is likely dead in the eyes of national party-analysts.

Just a week after Newsweek gave ASU one of the school's lowest party rankings of all-time at 24th in the nation, the just-released Princeton Review rankings don't even rank Brigham Young Arizona State.

Princeton Review bases its rankings on student surveys, so the Sun Devils really did themselves in, bringing what appears to be an official end to the school's party-school era.

ASU's national party-school reputation was officially born in 1987, when the school placed third in Playboy magazine's very first ranking.

When Playboy released its second ranking 15 years later, ASU was the top party school in the friggin' nation.

A-State was dethroned in the next ranking -- four years after the school was crowned party king -- but maintained the third spot.

Then the dismal showings started -- Playboy dropped ASU from rankings in 2007 and 2008, then up to 15th in 2009 and sixth in 2010. The magazine did, however, rank ASU third early last year.

The school hasn't cracked the top 10 in any other major party-school list in several years.

Now resume your studies, Sun Devils. The list of actual party schools can be found here.

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Nothing wrong with NOT drinking and acting stupid. If you're going to get shitfaced: please be careful doing it..............


ASU professors are heavily involved in the Mars Curiosity program including serving as principal scientist for the Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS).  U of A scientists serve as principal investigators on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) satellite.  I  know that the author of this article is the ultimate cynic when it comes to everything local, but let's celebrate those distinctions and achievements, can we?

fairymagic13 1 Like

The problem is the corporate types taking over downtown Tempe.  I graduated in 1986 and it was so cool to go downtown and be supportive of the locally owned businesses there - especially Gentle Strength Food Co-operative (Yea - a real health food grocery like Whole Foods right downtown).  There were at least 5 music venues which really supported live music with pay at $100.00 a person per performance.  Those musicians had a reason to promote their gigs - they were paid enough to have time to promote and not work at Hobo Joes or whatever.



 @fairymagic13 No kidding there: I don't care for Mill Ave anymore and I'm above age 40.

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