Arizona Cardinals Starting Quarterback: Kevin Kolb or John Skelton?

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There's a good old-fashioned quarterback battle going on in the Arizona Cardinals' training camp, and according to ESPN's Adam Schefter, John Skelton is "now considered the favorite."

Kevin Kolb came to Arizona as the presumptive starter before the start of last year's season -- by dealing Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a second-round pick to the Philadelphia Eagles -- but played just more than half the games last year due to injuries.

Kolb managed to toss a grand total of nine touchdowns in his nine starts, completed eight passes to the wrong team, and fumbled the ball seven times.

He was out for good last year after taking a foot to the head in the first series of his ninth start, but in the previous eight starts, the Cardinals' record was 2-6.

On the other hand, the Cardinals were 5-2 with Skelton starting -- plus they won the game that Kolb left during the first series.

He threw 11 touchdown passes, with 14 interceptions, and the largest margin of victory for the Cardinals with Skelton starting was six points.

Neither quarterback has played that much in the Cards' first two games, but most fans probably have their minds made up already about which quarterback they want to see in the starting role.

So, who is it?

Cast your vote below:

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ptcgaz topcommenter

who gives a crap? we are talking about the FAIL football team, the Cardinals. They could have the best QB in history and they would still fail.


Skelton or Bartel need to start! Kolb completed his first pass in preseason at the Hall of Fame Game,unfortunately it was completed to the wrong team! Kolb sucks!


This is a loaded question. There are two people on the list but no real quarterbacks.

AnEaglesFan 1 Like

Neither (yet). They should start Bartel in this weekend's pre-season game, see how he does. He had better numbers than Skelton AND Kolb, and threw a TD pass.

ptcgaz topcommenter

 @AnEaglesFan lol I am an Eagles fan too.. and to be honest, I wasn't all that wild about Kolb on the Eagles either. I dont really care that much about the Cardinals tho.. 


 @ptcgaz Kolb was only ever any good as a backup and under coach Andy Reid. I never thought he would be any good beyond that.


I grew up a ST LOUIS Cardinals fan; my heart died a little the day they left for AZ.... But I've been an Eagles fan for close to 30 years now, wouldn't have it any other way.


E A G L E S Eagles!!!


ptcgaz topcommenter

 @AnEaglesFan yeah. He was a pretty decent backup. He played well in the few games he started in Philly as a back up. 

I lived near Cincinnati and I started out a Bengals fan. My heart for them died when Boomer retired. Kenny Anderson was good and so was Chris Collinsworth. 

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