Woman Accused of Beating, Trying to Pull Out Eye of Cancer-Stricken Mother

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A woman was arrested on Thursday after she allegedly beat her cancer-stricken mother and attempted to poke her eye out, records show.

On June 27, Joni Lynn Potasky, 55, was on the phone with her 83-year-old mother's doctor, talking to him about the cancer treatment her mother was undergoing.

During the phone conversation, the doctor said, a violent-sounding argument broke out between Potasky and her mother. Concerned, the doctor called 911.

When the police arrived at the home in the 8300 block of North 6th Street in Phoenix, they found Potasky's mother stark naked, with a black eye and bloody lacerations on her arm. The woman told police that her daughter had tried to poke her eye out with her fingers.

Potasky was arrested the next day and charged with abusing a vulnerable adult. Police said she was intoxicated at the time of the of her arrest and showed signs of drug abuse.

Potasky had previously been reported to Adult Protective Services for abuse.

Preliminary hearings for the case will take place Monday, July 9, 2012.

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Thank you Romanzak151 ! I know Ms. Potasky personally,since 1996. Her mom, bless her soul, has some mental problems. Ms. Potasky had just brought her from Las Vegas , after her sister who lived there died. Worried about her Mom being abused by people becuase she has split personality disorder of some kind. One day she cna be nice, next day she'll yell and act out,etc. I have been on the phone with her when her mom would start freaking out. She'd call Ms.Potasky names and push and hit her. Ms. P. was afraid if she left her mom in Vegas ,where she was at the time of her sister's death , that her mom would be abused by the people at the facility she was at. So she brought her to phoeniox and was trying to get her medical attention for severla diffent problems her mom has. Her mom started in on her while she was on the phone to a doctor. Well , to Ms.P and her mom, this was a pretty normal occurance. neither one of them took it seriously, but the doc did. He or she "ASSUMED" it was a big deal. Then called 911.  Ms. P had errands to run , so she left, not knowing the doc had jumped to conclusions. Upon her return she was arrested  and jailed for close to 3 weeks. In the mean time her dogs . got confiscated by the Humane society  and her house was broken into.

 Now she is facing serious charges and not being a perosn of means , had to rely on the county to provide a lawyer. She has some proof of her defense, but it seems the county is not going to allow her to be able to have her lawyer ask questions of the doctor who called 911 or the police. if this could be done her case will be dropped and she'lll be free. instead it appers to me, she will be railroaded , to further the "cause" of punishning "adult abusers". yes , it is a good cause. But there is always the cases that get pushed too hard and fall through the cracks. innocent people suffer because "everyone assumes" and no one will give her a full chance to show proof, call witnesses and ask questions of the people who will be testifing against her! Please Pray for her!

 I'm a retired Government employee, veteran with 100% disability for p.t.s.d I have been in and out of counseling since 1979. I know alot about people's mental problems.

So it's not like I do9n;t know what I'm talking about.

 Oh yeah, and Thanks New Times for dramatizing the article about her. Her mom has some cancers on her face, she's not going to die from them (cancer stricken!) .   Aklos found stark naked! Ms.P. says her mom is a shy person and woundAlso MsP. claims she was sober when comfronted by the police. I belive her, if she did have alcohol on her breath, why didn't they bust her for D.W.I? They got her right after she got out of her car, so she said.

 Several other things too, but i think any one reading this can get the point!


Are there any people out there that care for  the elderly? Any of you have elderly clients or patients with dementia? I have seen first hand elderly people who hurt themselves , then blame the caregiver. some of the stories are quite colorful. I am all for securing the welfare of a helpless old individual, but I would think twice before believing everything they had to say. come on folks anyone with experience with this kind of thing out there??? Just because the caregiver had a smell of alchohol about her does not make her guilty of a crime. Unless she was tested and found to be using drugs, that should have never been stated to the public.  Do you have skidmarks in YOUR underwear?? what kind of a person ARE you??? Thanks and good luck with the crucifiction!!!

Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

It appears she handled the stress of life poorly.   It's too bad this country feels the need to take from it's people and not give back in the way it could easily afford to do.   Instead our money goes to the World Bank to finance the death and destruction of foreign countries who did nothing but reject the control of the west.   It's like satan rules this country or maybe it's that jehovah guy.   Life can really suck when you're old and there's no one to help you as you die.  And no one's beating down your door to care for you, unless you're rich of course.  Money buys civility, without it you get some bitch that tries to poke your eye out when she gets drunk and tweeked out.   Who knows how mom treated her when she was a kid?   It all sucks.   Life's a bitch, then you die.


So she is out of jail? Did she get her dogs back?

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