Who Actually Wrote the Questionable Passage in Joe Arpaio's Book?

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Anyone know who wrote this? Anyone?
In Sheriff Joe Arpaio's autobiography, Joe's Law, he says his parents "held on to certain hopes and truths" -- just like all immigrants.

Well, except Mexicans.

A lawyers for the plaintiffs in Arpaio's racial-profiling trial wanted to know what's up with that, and believe it or not, the Sheriff says he didn't write it.

"My parents, like all other immigrants exclusive to those from Mexico, held to certain hopes and truths," one of the passages in question states.

Our colleague Ray Stern got in touch with the book's co-author, Len Sherman, who said, "Anything that starts 'My parents'...would more likely be attributed to what [Arpaio] said."

There you have it. No one wrote it -- it fell from the heavens and landed in the book.

Sherman did take credit for another questionable line, in which Arpaio/Sherman/the gods suggest second- and third-generation Mexicans don't assimilate into "mainstream" America.

But Arpaio said he was "very careful writing this book" -- "like I was testifying in court" -- as evidenced in this item from 12News' Joe Dana.

As for the first line -- about hopes and truths not applying to Mexicans -- who do you think wrote that one?

Cast your vote below:

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he wrote it although "I don't remember" is possible too because maybe his senile mind forgot about him writing that?


The spirit and context of the book is all OSB.  I am sure he had multiple AARPgasms as he put his thoughts to paper and realized the his "people" would be bowing before him as they read his thoughts.


If Arpaio's pal, and Co-Author is saying that Arpaio has "Perjured" himself "Under Oath" regarding Racist statements in their Co-written Book the first day in Court, why do we need to hear any further of Arpaio's Lies?


Arpaio's "Oath", and his Word are both worthless!


If Arpaio swore on a Bible, Judge Snow may want to look inside and see if the pages are blank?


Arpaio lies so much he believes his own CRAP.


To: Justice.


Back in the day when I worked in the steel mill you were assigned pretty much by nationality: Germans in the open hearth, czechs in the rolling mill, irish in the coke plant, etc. and latinos, blacks and italians to the labor crew.  Neighborhoods were isolated by native language.  If you were latino, black or italian and you were out of your neighborhood, the police/sheriff pulled you over and either arrested you or sent you back to "where you belonged".  Thing about Arizona, we never change our clocks or our calendars - still living in the 50s.


Time for the judge to throw the book at the wapo gestapo. If he were to go to jail, he could sell the lube in his hair for some big bucks or protection.


Same old bs from the old man himself. Arpaio, tell us what do you recal

l doing? Besides the bs you feed the people on a very regular basis....you haven't really done too much when it comes to crime in Maricopa County. The drugs and cartels are still here. The jails are full of people who probably most are non violent offenders but yet we have sex offenders running amok and others who have been deemed not as worthy of your media whoring ways.


Is it November yet?


Arpaio didn't do it. And if he did, "the debbil made him do it." It's never Joe's fault when things go wrong.


The photo on the book is reversed. The old goat combs his lube tubes left to right, not parted on the right side.


It seems most folks can't believe anything this guy says. I can't imagine Judge Snow is being buffaloed by the geriatric goon.


And to think, this is what some folks think a sheriff should be.


How sad is that?


 @Tommy_Collins TBH I have seen those commercials for 5 hour energy and think the sheriff in that is more credible than the JOKE!

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