Union Pacific Train Kills Man in Gilbert; Both Legs Severed -- UPDATE: Patrick Zenner, 46, was Victim

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train gilbert accident.jpg
Image: Google Maps
The site near Gilbert Road and Park Avenue in Gilbert where a man's legs were severed by a Union Pacific train early this morning.

The legs of a 46-year-old man were severed after he was run over by a Union Pacific train in Gilbert early this morning. The man later died.

Gilbert police got a call around 3:45 a.m. from the train company that a pedestrian had been hit near Gilbert Road and Park Avenue.

A responding officer found the man -- minus his legs.

Rescuers applied tourniquets to the injured man's stumps, and he was rushed to Scottsdale Osborn Hospital, where he died.

UPDATE: Later in the afternoon, police released the name of the victim: Patrick Zenner, 46. Police still don't know why he was on the tracks, but suspect alcohol was involved.

Zenner, who had been lying on the tracks, reportedly stirred when he heard the train horn, Gilbert police Sergeant Bill Balafas wrote in an e-mail. Zenner tried unsuccessfully to crawl off the tracks before the train hit him.

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Clearly this could have been avoided if warning signs had been posted, "The Surgeon General has found that napping on train tracks is hazardous to your health. Men, women and children, and especially people with legs, should not nap on these tracks, as serious and even fatal injury may result."  That'll solve the problem, just like the labels on cigarettes stopped people from smoking.


 He meant to say "two" tourniquets. Hypothetically, there's only one explaination for that. The only possible way to get both of your legs severed is by laying on the tracks. So it was likely he was passed out drunk on the tracks.


I guess I'm having a hard time figuring out how someone gets run over by a train.  Either playing chicken or passed out on the tracks, I guess. Either way, what a horrible way to go!

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