Trent Franks' D.C. Abortion Bill Passes Committee as He Tries to Stop the "Greatest Genocide in World History"

Congressman Trent Franks is awful at making comparisons.
Republican Congressman Trent Franks apparently believes he's trying to stop something worse than the Holocaust.

Of course, it's Franks talking about his bread-and-butter issue of abortion, which he's currently considering as "the greatest genocide in world history."

Remember, according to Franks, abortion is the reason black people were better off under slavery than they are today.

Franks' latest revelation came after Franks' ban on abortions after 20 weeks in Washington D.C. passed the House Judiciary Committee.

Franks took to Twitter to give his comment, which appears to represent an actual thought that was in his head.

Despite the 20-week number not being supported on anything related to science, Franks thinks that's the cutoff for people in Washington D.C.

Yes, that's Arizona Congressman Trent Franks trying to make the rules for D.C., which doesn't make the residents of the District very happy, nor does it appease the people who think members of Congress don't do anything useful.

In fact, if you look very closely at a map of Franks' district, you'll notice that Washington D.C. is located precisely nowhere near it.

Either way, now that Franks' bill passed committee, the full House may actually vote on this super important piece of legislation.

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No, the GREATEST genocide in world history would include HIM.


Of course, the term "greatest" has different meanings to different

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