Top Five Reasons Why PTSD Should be a Qualifying Ailment in Arizona for Medical Marijuana

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Last week, the state Department of Health Services rejected the chance to add PTSD to the list of qualifying ailments under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act.

The decision by DHS director Will Humble to prevent people with PTSD from using marijuana legally follows numerous petitions by the public and testimony during a hearing. Humble also rejected petitions to have anxiety, migraine headaches and depression added as qualifying ailments.

But it's PTSD that has received the most attention -- possibly because many war veterans who came home with the disorder think they deserve not to be jailed for smoking a doob that might help quell their nightmares.

In any case, we've come up with five good reasons why Humble should have decided the other way, (even though doing that would have ticked off his anti-pot boss, Governor Jan Brewer, who's probably already steaming mad on the issue of medical marijuana since a judge ordered her to stop delaying the program.)

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One more piece of background info before we begin: Humble made his decision after commissioning a study on the issues that was conducted by the University of Arizona's College of Public Health. The University concluded that they "could not find any research that directly addressed the key questions of the benefits and harms of marijuana use for the treatment of PTSD." Following that review of studies, the DHS' Medical Advisory Committee recommended against adding the other ailments.

Why do we think we know better than the DHS' esteemed advisory committee and U of A researchers? To begin with:

1. Common sense. PTSD causes sleeplessness, anxiety, constant alertness, anger and the reliving of bad memories. Pot tends to make people sleepy, mellow, less alert and forgetful. True, a potent strain of sativa can actually cause anxiety in some people, but only for a short while. Have you ever heard of someone, PTSD patient or not, taking a few puffs of weed and doing something crazy enough to make the nightly news? Bath salts and meth, sure. But pot? Not gonna happen.

2. Consider the source: The University of Arizona, which concluded there wasn't enough proof to say pot might help PTSD patients, runs the Center for Integrative Medicine. The Center promotes herbal remedies, ayurvedic medicine, acupuncture and, presumably, whatever Dr. Andrew Weil's store is selling this week. And why aren't there more quality studies about PTSD and marijuana, anyway? The federal government doesn't typically allow them.

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"THC reduces anxiety by binding directly to receptors in the brain and resulting in its familiar high sensation. The reaction is too strong, creating marijuana's side effects,"
- Dr. Daniele Piomelli,
a pharmacology professor at the University of California at Irvine
January issue of the journal Nature Medicine.


As someone who has worked with veterans with PTSD I have to say their conclusion is logical and intelligent. Marijuana does help with sleep, yes, but it also (like most other depressants) lessens an individual's ability to cope with anxiety (they become dependent on the marijuana, or any other substance, legal or illegal, really) to cope with anxiety symptoms. And PTSD is an anxiety disorder. There is a legitimate need for more research on this before throwing a drug, any drug, at the problem. Yes, I realize the federal regulations make this a virtual impossibility, but I value people's lives enough that I would rather focus my efforts on changing policy than simply handing veterans an untested drug. And as far as PTSD is concerned, marijuana is an untested drug, one whose possible long-term side effects could be disastrous for the veteran, even while it is providing short-term relief.


Also on one of the K's  Spice smoking is ok cannot be mixed with alchohol or downers.   I am certain it could build up in the system however it is a type of metallic base because I could smell it on my clothing after awhile.   It can calm a person and help with pain as well.  I know I had to go through a huge blow to my head and continue working because I am not one to believe it was a real "accident" anymore.  Since my computer and my iphone and all I owned was pillfered through and used by kids not old enough to hold jobs of management and do acting work as well...seee I am really 54 now and I really did do all I have said I have done.  I am really of a different family than Martha wanted me to be.  See money causes issues when you don't have it and divorces cause hatred and anger.  It causes children to lose their all in all what I am saying is Spice can be used in place of Marijuana if used properly.  But if not, well then I don't know I used it properly.  I was not using when that accident happened and it really can leave the system that fast.  Problem with too much usage is that is harder to come off of the first few days than marijuana is....that is why marijuana smoking is better than spice because it is a plant natural and without flocking it with crapola drugs it really is the best and can get a person past cancer.  And that is without Chemo...But if that person was an alchoholic well it depends on their belief and how strong they believe in their CREATOR.  All of us know the CREATOR no matter what country what color what culture and what CHURCH Building a person goes to  GOD is GOD and you don't mess with His Work, nor can you take a miracle and keep messing with it before the Angels come and mess with the messor.  See I didn't go to Douglas Arizona to find more information, I went for a pure family unit reason.  My son Trevor...but Mexico just happened to have been told I was dead.  Not my fault.  A DVR counselor had some serious emotional issues and also was not properly educated.  So here we are my son Trevor and I, Brenda Sue Ball Robinson Ball here in Wisconsin one more time in less than two months to assist with the murders that took place in an Islamic...I with the help of my family will find the ones murdered because I am that good....and insurance money is used improperly by liars and that is a fact.  I do not lie, I still hold my liscense in NM and I do not plan on letting or allowing anymore people use my name anymore.  So the middle Eastern People are good people..  Like I said drug usage was rampant in Albuquerque until I came back from ARizona to one more time straighen it out and tell on a BAD MAN  who thinks he can just pop up over here and never get caught...It doesnt work that way and blaming my sons for his sins, well that don't work either.  mothers cry hard and it does touch my heart.   So DVR of NM and WI listen up, I am this good.


You see all fifty states of this great nation.  When Marijuana is used without prescription uppers or snorting coke crank doing meth all of which are bad on the body.  Smoking Marijuana Calms the person.  Too much and they won't get anything done.  Too little and withdrawals set in and emotions instead of logic...but it is easy to get off of it is a mind over matter.  however a PTSD Soldier someone who had Valley Fever someone who has emotional issues can over come and get better with the help of this.,.,..I have seen so called Scitzophrenia  (sp?) cured also, but without will not be able to make it through the teenage to age of difference without this kind of help.  I studied the lesser drugs.  I am not a user at this time however you cannot study without usage.  I am done hope you all have a wonderful day.  With Love and Concern for those bad judgements on good guys.  The news doesnt make it across the states properly.  The East Coast is up to date and the Midwest Great Lake area is getting there and the Cigarette Prices will come down.  There is no such law anywhere Federally stating a ceiling called Minimum price.  That is supposed to read Maximum.  And Gasoline at C Stores do make more than a half a cent per gallon so there is a whole lot of lying.  President Obama has had four birthdays in less than four months...Seriously Country and STATES all fifty states really.  Do you think I lived all these years to let any of you mess with my children and I don't fight back?  Sure I have PTSD but it isn't the soldier kind it is a different type and no it isnt just from Domestic Violence.  However I can still work just fine.  I do not have to tell my any employer because I am not a threat to anyone not even this country.  LOL serious mother speaking and seriously married and missing a husband.  But hey that is why I too can ask for a Divorce if he doesn't show up this coming next few days.  Annullment can happen too.  See I know the times of

my life and how I worked them...the Gregorian WAY not a any other way would work as well with as few deaths and as few medical bills as this way.  Also surrogate moms  those babies are going to be used by medical issues of those who do not deserve that kind of help.  See there really is a God and He can take care of issues without that kind of help.  He doesn't need amputees to worry...I do know just about everything this country has done illegally and legally.  Have a great week.  hello Betty Whjite, Love to you too.  Mary is doing a Judge act because she can.  LOL!  Victoria was one of my legal names too.  Hehe  I really was a kidnap victim three times three royal families.  Prayers said the proper way exactly like Jesus said the Lords prayer are the best.  NO we do not add his name  because....I said so.  Smile those of you who are now believers.  I am hoping Micah@ is rescued from all the sentences the Barrows of AZ tried to make him go through since Gloria was not my girl to watch.  Liars really have issues.  Thank you for allowing me to speak on this type of Forum.  Also Ace of Gail my son.   Sorry Albuquerque you have Micah's brother and his sister is ....well I cannot tell all.  Oh I was watching a missing persons on tv here  and the ANN  well she ended up with a Candelaria...but you may find her in Gallup again   Gallup employeed her as United WAy for years.



Have you considered starting a petition on CHANGE.ORG?My brother is a Vietnam combat veteran living in CA and is active with veteran groups there. When I visit him, I have the opportunity to meet other heroes of other wars.nearly all them suffer from the ravages of war.  My brother does not use MJ for he now has (after years of fighting and filling out papers) adequate medical care and he takes a fruit salad of drugs carefully balanced to treat his combination of issues, some from battle, some from agent orange, and some from unknown sources.  He is okay and is functional.  I am so proud of him.  The other vets I meet, however, are not so fortunate, but have medical marijuana cards and use this drug; one I know of would otherwise be violent. There are not so popular movies that nearly tell the story right, Distant Thunder and Missing in America.


Those heroes that I hear of that use MJ illegally have already shown themselves to be brave and they are better people because of their use. Why must we punish people for doing something that makes their lives better?


If someone will start a petition, I will sign it.


i can't word this right but this is arizona and what do you expect. they didn't want the law go into effect and they don't want to hardly fund mental illness, so for them its just better to take a drug then let them use marijuana, after all people still believe it leads to heroin addiction or it will kill your brain cells. and try getting social security, after all these years people do not want to recognize ptst or any form of mentall illness as an illness. so why would anyone expect them to have mental illness on the list of illnesses for using medical marijuana. sometimes even people wont have anything to do with you, cuz they might catch it. so far don't expect too much for ptsd or any form of mental illness put on the list of illnesses where you can use the medical marijuana law in arizona and probably a lot of other states.


 Just another kick in the teeth for our soldiers. Come on give them a break the give so much and get little very little in return .  Give them support it will help them alot have they not been through enough ?


Alcohol is legal; how much pain and suffering result?  Tylenol, when abused, can kill your liver. Doctors prescribe hideously addictive drugs, i.e. pain meds, like they were M&M's. A combat vet can't smoke some doobish? That is ethically and morally wrong, stupid and merely displays the absolute ignorance of the anti-marijuana turds.Get on a REAL issue!



Marijuana should be legal period. There should be no excuses or reasons. People in America of all places should be the masters of their own destinies not told what to do by bureaucrats.  


As with so many good efforts to offer help to those who need it, unfortunately it gets abused.... 




PTSD is common in many life circumstances,rape,death and all kinds of trauma it would just open the door to everyone claiming they need marj for medical reasons.

I agree with the vote NO..

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