Scottsdale Airplane Owner Takes Flight Lesson From City Councilman, Crashes

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A pilot crashed his plane at the Scottsdale Municipal Airport this morning, while he was getting a flight lesson from Scottsdale City Councilman Bob Littlefield.

According to a spokeswoman for the airport, the single-engine plane ran off the runway around 9 a.m. today during a "touch-and-go" landing, which involves landing the plane and taking off again without stopping.

Both the pilot and Littlefield were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries and the pilot has already been released from the hospital.

According to Littlefield's bio -- from a book he wrote about flying glass-cockpit airplanes -- he knows a thing or two about how an airplane operates.

The bio says he got his private pilot license in 1973, and flight instruction has been his "primary career" since 1999.

He's got thousands of miles as a pilot and instructor, and has a bunch of certifications that probably make no sense to anyone who doesn't fly airplanes.

That said, Littlefield's been telling local media outlets it's the plane's fault.

Littlefield's staying the night at the hospital.

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hey Matthew, slow news day??? Try .... thousands of 'hours'....  Pilots keep track of hours -- not miles. And any landing you can walk away from is a good one.  Any landing you can fly away from is great one. If a landing is looking ugly you abort the landing by applying power, establish a positive rate of climb, bring gear and flaps up, etc and go around.  If you add power and the engine doesn't respond then there is something wrong with the engine. The NTSB will check it out and the report will likely include comments to the effect of pilot failed to maintain control of the aircraft during the landing... And this doesn't make the Councilman wrong.

Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

I see you're insinuating that it was the councilman's fault.    Every once in awhile you guys just have to show off what you learned in the propaganda and coercion class from the night before.   This week's class must have been on subtlety and the American way.

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