Randy Parraz Wants Board of Supervisors to Ban Private Payments to MCSO

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Randy Parraz walking away disappointed that Chairman Wilson didn't address his concerns during the meeting

Activist Randy Parraz demanded today that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors start discussing a policy to stop all private funding to any criminal investigation done by Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office.

During the board's meeting this morning, Parraz -- along with 30 members of his group Citizens for a Better Arizona -- asked board Chairman Max Wilson to consider preventing private donations for MCSO's criminal investigations, such as the one looking into President Obama's birth certificate.

"We want for this ban to be considered...a ban on all private donations from any individuals to the sheriff's department for criminal investigations," Parraz said during the meeting, directing his comments at Wilson. "Would you put that on the agenda for the next meeting?"

After a few seconds of awkward silence waiting for a response, Wilson said he wasn't going to answer Parraz's question.

"We're not in kindergarten, chairman -- this is serious business," Parraz stated, but to no avail.

David Benton, a lawyer for the board at the meeting, said Wilson did not have to answer the question, but Parraz demanded a yes-or-no answer anyway.

Wilson simply offered that he would ask the county attorney to look into the matter.

When Arpaio's office started his investigation into Obama's birth certificate, the sheriff claimed no taxpayer money would be used. But that quickly changed when Arpaio sent a deputy to Hawaii as part of the birther probe. The cost of Arpaio's shenanigans was about $10,000.

Arpaio's office was looking into accepting private funds to offset the total cost of the trip, but in June, the Board of Supervisors -- which oversees Arpaio's budget -- essentially denied the procedure.

"This...leads to the dangerous policy that the Sheriff's Office is for sale," CBA member Bob Unferth told the board. "We all know that requiring payment for law enforcement is a very bad idea."

Arpaio had to get approval by the county manager to send his deputy to Hawaii, according to county policy -- which he did not do.

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Oh, but Mary Rose Wilcox suing the citizens of Maricopa county for "stress" and getting $1 MILLION plus attorney fees is acceptable use of taxpayer money? How about the 3-4 others that are following suit and also suing the country for millions more because of "stress." THAT kind of spending should be stopped.

Instead this liberal from California wants to go after Sheriff Joe because he is effective in doing his job. The open borders crowd, which Randy is part of, does not want our immigration laws enforced and does not want the citizens in this county protected. He'd prefer we fall to the destructive depths of California.

Interesting, it was the same board that didn't approve Arpaio getting private funds for the trip. He CAN get the money...they are blocking him. Why? And for those who don't believe they uncovered anything, you must only be listening to the MSM. Last I heard FORGERY is a CRIME!


But I'm sure that Randy doesn't mind if the donations come to him or his Democratic Party though, right?  Nope, cannot be banned!


OSB already has a budget for criminal investigations.  The $10K is covered without private donations.  However, breaking the law/policy to send a deputy OCONUS is something that should be dealt with.  Does OSB make policy for the County or does the BoS?


The concept that Zullo and Corsi needed an armed deputy for protection because of the information they were uncovering is a fantasy. They did not uncover ANYTHING!  





eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Take the money out of Arpaio's hide!  He didn't get authorization to send the

Deputy to Hawaii on the public's dime.  That fact is non-negotiable.  Make

Arpaio pay for his foolishness!


 @AZDancer what about the 100+ million that the Joke has cost you guys? 

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