Paul Babeu's (Former?) Spokesman/Attorney, Chris DeRose, is "Best Paid Guy...With No Victory," Political Pundit Jon C. Altmann Blogs

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Paul Babeu and Jose Orozco
It was just about six months ago that Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu's Mexican ex-boyfriend leveled explosive allegations that the rabid border hawk threatened to deport him if he revealed details of their relationship.

Along with threatening text messages that Babeu sent to his Mexican ex-boyfriend, Jose Orozco, it was a letter from Babeu's attorney Chris DeRose questioning Orozco's immigration status that gave credibility to Orozco's allegations.

We had to wonder why DeRose would even mention the Mexican man's immigration status in a letter to Orozco's attorney if it wasn't being used as leverage?

derose chris babeu spokesman.JPG
Chris DeRose
On Monday, conservative political pundit Jon C. Altmann posted a blog about DeRose raking in more money than most other political consultants on Congressional campaigns. And all without a win. Or a campaign, for that matter.


We thought we'd share.

Of course, Babeu has since quit his campaign for Arizona's Fourth Congressional District, and he hopes voters will let him at least hang on to his badge and as sheriff of Pinal County.

Interesting tidbit: The latest campaign finance reports show that Babeu has refunded at least $27,573 worth of political donations between June 25 and June 29.

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Per hour, DeRose was probably making less than the minimum wage; Babeu required constant hand-holding.  Especially when you consider the probably-fatal damage to his reputation, he's got no reason to think he won the lottery.   


When he bailed from the CD-4 campaign, Babeu promised to pay back all the contributions.  It was empty talk.  He knew at the time he couldn't, even if he'd wanted to, because he'd already blow though 90% of the money -- close to $400,000.  In the event, he's only refunded about six (6) cents on the dollar.  And that drop in the bucket all went to high-roller & connected donors.  Ordinary contributors won't see one red cent.   


By November, between the two campaigns, Babeu will have spent close to a cool million.  And that, in the end, to reinstall him in a county office that he's bragged is his for life, if he deigns to accept it.  (Way to take the voters for granted, Big Boi.)  On a per-vote basis, it has to be one of the most profligate campaigns in American history.   


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