Michael Salman Wants Work Release; Attorney Manages to Not Use Religion as the Argument

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"Criminal" Michael Salman (right) and his wife.
For quite possibly the first time in recent history, legal paperwork has been filed on behalf of ex-gang member/Pastor Michael Salman that doesn't claim Salman's religious rights are being violated.

The Rutherford Institute announced that one of its affiliate attorneys, Jack Wilenchik, has filed a motion on Salman's behalf to be able to leave Tent City several days a week to work at his restaurant.

Salman, a convicted felon, is currently serving a 60-day jail sentence after being found guilty of 67 misdemeanors related to an illegal building he built in his backyard, and his unwillingness to comply with the City of Phoenix's zoning rules.

It's been almost two years since Salman was convicted of those misdemeanors, and since then, he's been telling anyone who will listen that he's being persecuted for his religious beliefs. Many people have bought it.

He's still been claiming religious persecution as recently as last week, when his attorneys claimed his "right to hold Bible studies in jail" was being violated. The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office debunked that pretty quickly.

Since not a single one of Salman's attempts at claiming religious persecution in court has ever worked, he's finally trying something else -- Salman says he's got a business to run.

"He wishes to be released for the maximum permitted hours and days each week to perform his job duties at his family -owned and -operated restaurant, where his duties consist of managing the business, cooking, and serving as a cashier or waiter as needed," Salman's attorney writes in the motion. "Defendant Salman is the sole manager of the business, which relies on him completely for its operation. Suzanne Salman is not able to take his place in this regard, as she is fully occupied in caring for their small children."

The restaurant, Mighty Mikes Burgers, has two locations -- and it appears Salman may not play by the rules when it comes to that, either.

According to county records, inspectors dropped by the location on Bethany Home in March, and found enough violations to qualify for a "D" rating in the voluntary grading system, but Salman's restaurants don't participate in that.

Inspectors also dropped by a couple weeks ago, and found that they hadn't corrected a few things. The comments section from an inspection of the other location says only one of the five employees has a food service worker card.

On top of that, the Mighty Mikes corporation was dissolved in March since no one filed the annual report.

Salman and his wife -- who's listed as the head of the corporation -- can apply for reinstatement for several more years.

Well, he does have work to do.

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It's becoming clear that his neighbors and city officials who they voted for and others appointed by their representatives have an ax to grind with this guy because of his refusal to grovel at their feet. Message to everyone. If you can vote your kind of person into power and control our system of government then you can cage someone for things you don't approve of. He is annoying to his neighbors and his neighbors were upset he hurt their feel goods at a neighborhood meeting yet they physically harm him.


How dare he do that to them? They will show him that talking back to those who disagree with him and refusing to do as he's ordered by his masters and lords results in being caged like an animal. His meetings annoy them but apparently caging him shouldn't annoy him, his family and friends who have repeatedly had to deal with idiot neighbors including idiot neighbors who got the votes of their idiot friends, family members and others in their community to represent their collective of idiots.


Maybe he could change his burger joint to a chicken shack and ride that particular wave for awhile.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Well, Mighty Mike, if I was chowing down on one of your burgers and someone

mentioned to me that your joint has a "D" rating, in reality an "F," I'd head to the

ER for a gamma globulin shot.


Just to clarify, Mr. Hendley, you can reinstate an administratively dissolved corporation for 6 years following the date of dissolution.  You must file to create a new corporation if more than 6 years has passed since the date of dissolution occurred.  Your last sentence implies that he cannot apply for reinstatement until after 6 years has transpired, which would be incorrect.


 Just in case that whole building permit thingy doesn't work out for him, maybe he can just buy an already built church so he doesn't have to worry about all those papers and such: http://www.loopnet.com/Arizona_Churches-For-Sale/.


Of course that probably isn't nearly as much fun as complaining about how the Man is holding him down.

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