Joe Arpaio's Deputy Says Sheriff Is Misinformed About Illegal Immigration Patrols

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Joe Arpaio along with Deputy Chief Brian Sands, who testified in federal court today, in Pei Wei immigration raid

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is sometimes misinformed about his infamous crime-suppression patrols, resulting in false public statements, according to a deputy who testified this morning in the racial-profiling lawsuit involving the sheriff's office.

Deputy Chief Brian Sands, who was in charge of choosing locations to do crime-suppression operations for MCSO, told U.S. District Judge Murray Snow that there was a "disconnect" between Arpaio and the deputies' actions during illegal immigration enforcement.

"When I say a disconnect, oftentimes [Arpaio] doesn't understand what the rank-and-file deputies are doing out there," the chief testified in the fourth day of the Melendres v. Arpaio lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona, which accuses the Sheriff's Office of racially profiling Hispanics during its saturation patrols, or also known as crime-suppression operations.

In fact, Sands doesn't even like that Arpaio rambles on about the operations in press conferences or press releases, because he says the sheriff doesn't know what he's talking about.

"Arpaio sometimes is misinformed, through no fault of his own," Sands stated while he was being questioned by the sheriff's lawyer, Tim Casey.

"I rather do things without observation [from the media]...and I think a lot of police [are] like that."

One example that was touted in court today as a false public statement was an MCSO press release, which claimed Arpaio's office did a crime-suppression operation because of concerns related to lingering day laborers, even though no crime was being reported in the area.

"There were inaccuracies that went out," Sands stated, referring to the release.

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Yeah, just like he was "duped" by Hendershot.  Just like he had no idea what Hendershot was doing in the department.  And just like he had no idea all those trumped up charges that he had Thomas and his lackies fall were crap.  Amazing how he lets everyone else take the fall and they continue to remain quiet regarding his culpability in all of it.


How in the world does this jackass continue to get elected?  Either he is a biggot and a racist or he isn't any of those but he is completely incompetent because he has no idea what's going on in his own department.  Either way, he isn't qualified to be sheriff of Mayberry let alone sheriff of Maricopa County.  Yet the blue hairs and tea-baggers are going to vote for him anyway.  I just don't get it.


Sands quit lying for me , I can Lie quite well myself!



shadeaux14 topcommenter

Isn't it fun seeing them cannibalize each other when they are dragged out of the shadows they usually operate in?


Apparently, according to Sands, Joe isn't corrupt, he's just a fucking moron.


Gee, that makes things all better.


Mr. Sands, stop lying.  The hours and hours of video of Arpaio tooting his horn and running his mouth at and about these "sweeps" shows the truth.


Ha ha ha! "'I'd rather do things without observation [from the media]...and I think a lot of police [are] like that.'" You bet they're like that. Around here they even wear masks during raids. They're ashamed of what they're doing and don't want their friends and neighbors to know about their thuggery. Things are worse than you imagine, folks.


Arpaio is only about himself not about the truth or actual justice.


 Yes he's an opportunistic son-of-a-bitch. How anyone can stand working for him, if he can't communicate with his own Deputy dawgs, is beyond me. You probably feel sorry for that little YPS. Lots of good inside info coming from the thugs in beige over at the MCSO@Eleanor



 I don't feel sorry for people. Yps is an adult and he is capable of making his own choices. Why he chooses to stay there I have no idea. I will continue to wish him the best and hope he gets a new boss real soon.

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