Is Ex-FLDS Member Right to Blame Church Members for Cat Buried Alive in Concrete?

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Yesterday, we told you about someone burying a cat, still alive -- at the time -- up to its head in concrete in Colorado City.

The cat was left on the property of Isaac Wyler, a former member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who left the church years ago.

Andrew Chatwin -- another ex-FLDS member who willingly left the church several years ago -- is the one who shot the video, and thinks church members are responsible.

If you do a Google search for "Andrew Chatwin FLDS," you can find accounts of Chatwin's several run-ins with FLDS members in Colorado City and the neighboring town of Hildale, Utah, including a 2005 account of him being arrested by the "Marhsal's Office" in a story by former New Times scribe John Dougherty.

Even talking about the video of the cat, Chatwin says he's documented several times dead animals have been left for him and other ex-FLDS members, which he believes is the work of church members.

All of these incidents occurred before the town was sued by the Justice Department for its police force's alleged discrimination against non-FLDS members, and before the Mohave County Sheriff's Office started patrolling the town.

And as we noted yesterday, it's not like this would be the only time FLDS members have been accused of doing weird things to animals.

The Justice Department lawsuit includes an account of the killing of a non-FLDS member's horse, and the following incident involving child rapist and former FLDS leader Warren Jeffs:

In 2001, Jeffs issued an edict that all domestic dogs would be banned from the Cities. Less than one month later, in compliance with Jeffs's edict, Marshal's Deputies went to each household in the Cities and asked residents to turn over any dogs that they had in the home to the Officers. The Marshal's Deputies then shot and killed the dogs in a slaughter pit a short distance from the Cities. Two of the Marshal's Deputies involved in this incident remain employed by the Marshal's Office.

Given Chatwin's prior run-ins with the FLDS church, and other factors, is he right to blame the church for the cat found buried alive in concrete?

Cast your vote below:

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this story is old news around here. We have already gone thru the disgust and what the h@ll. stage. After many conversations most people where leaning toward Andrew Chatwin doing it. He has a histroy of doing such things. Isaac got kick out for being a con-artist. I believe we finally decide that it was possible for the cat to have climbed into the pipe.before it was set in concrete. It would have been impossible for someone to come in the night and place a kitten in setup concrete at the bottom of a 7 foot pipe. I am not sure why it's suddenly top news know and not when it happened?


Sick, saw the rescue on utube.....very sad listening to the piteous cries from the poor creature.  This group is not about God or religion.  It is about the exploitation of women and the gratification of the sick urges of these, I loathe to call them, "men."  Is it manly to do what the sicko id to a poor innocent creature of God?


Romney is not a fundamentalist, nor is he a polygamist. Your comment is specious!

slipery Mike
slipery Mike

think of all we will look forward to when romney is "IN".


So these amazingly broken people who belong to a church who believes in causing suffering of animals? Wow, that cat died man, that's some pretty disturbing stuff.

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