Deputy Chief Brian Sands' Testimony Today Contradicted by His Statements in 2010; Busting Illegal Aliens was Sometimes the "Goal"

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Brian Sands, one of Sheriff Arpaio's deputy chiefs, told a judge today that goal of saturation patrols wasn't to round up illegal immigrants. But in 2010, Sands described one incident in which that actually was the goal.

Brian Sands, one of Arpaio's deputy chiefs, told a federal judge today that busting illegal immigrants wasn't the goal of saturation patrols.

Sands said something quite different in 2010 to investigators probing corruption within Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Office.

As late as the fall of 2008, Sands claimed, Arpaio's former chief deputy, Dave Hendershott, had instructed a lieutenant during a saturation patrol in the northwest Valley to "round up as many illegal aliens as he could arrest."

And, by Sands' account, that's exactly how it went down.

Sands testified today as part of Arpaio's racial-profiling trial.

He told U.S. District Judge Murray Snow that a "disconnect" existed between Arpaio and the deputies performing crime sweeps.

"When I say a disconnect, oftentimes (Arpaio) doesn't understand what the rank-and-file deputies are doing out there," Sands told Snow.

Yet his 2010 statements, by contrast, indicate a strong link between Arpaio and what his deputies did on the street.

Sands' statements about the mass arrest were made during the so-called "Munnell Memo" investigation conducted by Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu's Office at the request of Arpaio. New Times briefly mentioned those statements by Sands in an April 2012 blog post. Today, we dug out that part of the 30,000-page Babeu report and took a closer look.

Sands, to put the statements in context, had been responding to questions by investigators about the times he had "points of conflict" with Hendershott, who was fired by Arpaio (then allowed to retire) after the investigation concluded he had committed unethical and possibly illegal acts for years as Arpaio's right-hand man. Arpaio later claimed he was "duped" by Hendershott and knew nothing about his chief deputy's activities -- even though evidence showed he had near-daily briefings by Hendershott, and that Hendershott was probably just following Arpaio's orders.

Sands described one point of conflict as taking place on the 2008 saturation patrol. He claimed he "cautioned" Hendershott that "we can't do massive arrests when it comes to illegal aliens" because of the "complexity of our relationship" with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau and the 287(g) cross-training status of sheriff's deputies.

"I think (Hendershott's) issue was that he wanted to see something that would, you know, be very newsworthy out there," Sands told investigators.

But Sands told Hendershott that a mass arrest of illegal immigrants would be problematic because ICE had strict rules on the length of time that the arrested people could be detained. Trying to "dump" a massive number of detainees on ICE would screw up the timing.

Here's the part we found especially interesting in light of Sands' statements today: a mass arrest apparently did occur.

"We got to a situation where the lieutenant was complying with (Hendershott's) directives and called me and said, that, you know, they had like 50 people in custody," Sands said. "My question was, 'did we arrest people on the state charge of human smuggling? And he said that they had more or less looked at arresting VRs, in other words, volunteer removals, and I said, 'no, we got to shut it down.'"

He said he then had an "I-told-you-so" conversation with Hendershott, and that they had an argument.

Just to clarify that part about arresting people on "VRs:" What Sands apparently means there is that Arpaio's office arrested 50 suspected illegal immigrants just for being illegal immigrants.

Sands claimed that he managed to prevent Hendershott from doing more mass round-ups. Yet Hendershott's directive shows that, contrary to what Sands said today, it really was Arpaio's goal to bust illegal immigrants during the saturation patrols.

It seems like a safe assumption that Hendershott, in ordering a lieutenant to conduct a mass arrest of illegal immigrants, was just following the orders of his boss, Arpaio.

Perhaps the most astonishing thing in all this: The timeframe of Hendershott's mass arrest was in late 2008, about two years after the sheriff's office started doing saturation patrols.

If Arpaio was targeting illegal immigrants directly in late 2008 for headlines, it only makes sense that they were doing it since 2006. And that he's still doing it.

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All police agencies have goals.  One month it might be to take as many deadbeat dads off the street and the next month child predators and then crack dealers.  Having a goal to take illegal aliens off the street is legitimate because illegal aliens should not be here - they are illegal and they broke the law to come here!


Joel Robbins once told me when we were sitting accross from Sands, Look at this guy, he's the devil himself.How right he is.


This prick, Sands, came to my house one time.

I called Peoria PD and they told him to leave.


Told you he was a lair and a dritbag.


Sands: "Pay no attention to the man behind the microphone (and in front of the camera)."

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Another lying scumbag who should be in Prison for perjury.


Seems Mr. Sands speaks with forked tongue. It seems he is trying to say, once again as Babeu did, that the old goat simply doesn't know what goes on in the agency. Really! For sure!


If's that is true, as they are pretending, then why do we have an elected official parading as a sheriff?


It takes increasingly sharp memories to recall the history of this saga.  Thanks for dragging this one up. 


There certainly have been lots of contradictions between present statements and historical statements by OSB and his crew.  Most of these are so black and white that for every instance or topic, one of the statements must be a lie.




We've gone from Arpaio's dog and pony show to Sand's cock and bull story!


Maybe he should just say he has the flu and he can't recall.  It works for his idiot boss.


 @DonkeyHotay And you don't think illegal aliens should be in jail for breaking the law to come here?  Since when can you pick and choose who should be in jail?


 @Tommy_Collins It is indeed pretty clear that OSB's defense is his own people calling him an idiot. 


 @Eleanor Sands pukes up himself when he has the flu.  He's like vomit!


He may also get the "Joe Squirts".

allanbartlett topcommenter

 "joe squirts" that's a imagine I never want in my brain.





Is Perjury not "illegal?"


Good thing Arpaio is "King" and Real U.S. Law dosen't apply, just "Joe's Law?"


To: Honest Justice?, even in Corrupt/Racist Arizona Politics?

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