Cordell Jude Charged in April "Self Defense" Killing of Daniel Adkins

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Jude's Twitter Page
Check out Jude's Twitter page to see more blunt-smoking, and even a gun.
Cordell Jude was charged with second-degree murder today for shooting Daniel Adkins at a Phoenix Taco Bell drive-through in April.

Jude already admitted to killing Adkins, but maintains that he was acting in self-defense.

"Our decision to prosecute this case is based on a thorough review of the evidence gathered during an extensive investigation by our law enforcement partners, and after a separate and careful analysis of the defendant's assertion of self-defense," Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery says.

The incident between Jude and Adkins happened on April 3 at the Phoenix Taco Bell drive-through, as Adkins was walking his dog. As Jude was pulling out of the Taco Bell, he nearly hit Adkins before slamming on the brakes in time, according to police reports obtained by New Times.

Adkins began yelling at Jude, and Jude would tell police that Adkins hit his vehicle with a bat, pipe or some type of object of similar size -- which was never found.

Jude told police that he shot Adkins after he took another swing at him with the apparently imaginary pipe, using a pistol he had been carrying in his lap.

Jude always carries a pistol on his lap while driving, according to Jude's girlfriend, Ronisha Rush, who was eight-months' pregnant and in the vehicle when the shooting occurred.

Based on this photo from Jude's Twitter account, she appears to be correct:

See, Jude always carries his gun on his lap.

Adkins died right there on the scene.

Jude's girlfriend called 9-1-1, and they waited in another area near the Taco Bell for police to arrive.

Jude would later tell cops that he thought he was in danger, but didn't think he was going to be killed, according to the police report.

A witness driving in the car behind Jude in the drive-through line told police that he saw Adkins swing at the car, but saw nothing in his hand.

It remains unclear what specific new evidence or conclusions were discovered that led to today's indictment.

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office did not immediately return New Times' request for comment.

Aside from taking a little vacation to Detroit (according to his Twitter page), Jude was also picked up by the cops on July 14 on drugs and weapons charges.

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Thought I'd check to see whether this guy was indicted or not. Glad to see he was.


This indictment was a long time coming. In reading back on his twitter pages and looking at all the pictures he proudly displayed of his pot smoking, he was apparently quite proud of himself. Hopefully, he will be off the streets for a long, long time and Daniel Atkins family will finally get justice for their son's murder.


And where is the Media hysteria over that cold blooded murder?Where are the Black P*ssies Organization doing against this injustice? where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton marching to show solidarity for the victim`s family?When well meanig people are going to realize what`s  going on?


Just like there was a demand for Zimmerman to be arrested for killing Trayvon Martin, we must demand justice the very same way for Daniel Adkins.  Only difference is that Trayvon Martin was killed in self-defense but Daniel Adkins was killed in cold blood.  Justice for Daniel Adkins must be served even if it means a public lynching is appropriate.  If it had been Adkins that killed Jude, there would have been riots in the streets, so where's Al Sharpton and others in this case?


I'll pay for a complementary tubal ligation for the baby momma and a free vasectomy for Jude.




 @vanderstock Not so sure about that.  I haven't read the Cordell Jude police report but as far as I can tell right now, Zimmerman should definitely be free and Jude should probably be free also.


 @Marcy Forget the vasectomy. He should get the same courtesy he gave my cousin. What all this didnt explain is that Jude claimed self defense against a man with the mentality of a 12 year old and the only weapon Daniel had was Lady, our families 7 year old golden retriever. And further more if he was so scared why not just roll up his window. Jude shot daniel point blank in the chest with a 45 caliber weapon.. What part of this was self defense?? Jude deserves the same courtesy he showed my cousin. Nothing more, nothing less.

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