Joe Arpaio's Scooby Doo Gang Nails Obama on Alleged Damning Phone Interview With 95-year-old Woman, Presents Zero Real Evidence

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The media just can't help itself.

So after an exhaustive one-day search, he said the posse found Lee's phone number -- which we found after no more than 15 seconds on Google -- and she confirmed that no such mistakes would have been made. Zullo said it's up to the sheriff to decide if he'll release the old woman's audio.

Zullo insisted that the birther investigation is not an attack against Obama, which certainly doesn't help his credibility issues.

"I don't know what else to tell you," he said. "This isn't us chasing down the president. Everybody wants to make it that. I'm really at a loss to understand why it's so difficult for people to understand that this isn't politically motivated."

(We apologize if you just laughed so hard that you spit your drink all over your computer.)

Things got a little testy at one point with the media -- which Arpaio believes has unfairly criticized the investigation. Arpaio would not address any questions concerning the MCSO deputy who was sent to Hawaii to investigate with Zullo, nor would he answer any questions outside of the "evidence" presented.

"Look at the evidence and stop worrying about who's in bed with who," Arpaio said.

However, with yet another underwhelming presentation, the media's patience appeared to be wearing thin with the birther investigation. Thankfully, Arpaio said he and his birther posse have done all they can. Now, he's calling for Congress to take up the investigation, commending his posse for undertaking a two-man investigation that would have taken "100 federal agents" to do.

How many investigators it takes to avoid bungling hundreds of sex crimes, we couldn't tell you.

Also on Arpaio's upcoming calendar is answering accusations of racial-profiling practices by his office, in a trial scheduled to start Thursday in federal court here.

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Could a title for an article scream "BIASED" any more  than this??? No wonder it's a blog and not a piece of journalism. Somebody needs to put the Koolade down and wake up. Or perhaps he's just another shill.


Hey, "Jason".  Get your nose, tongue, and head out of the illegal Kenyan Muslim Marxist racist Chicago street monkey's ass for 5 minutes and try some serious and objective reporting for once.  You amateur Commies, bought and paid for by America hater, George Soros, are just kidding yourselves with your childish "Journalism 101" rants.  To imply that the Cold Case Posse's interview with the 95 year old former Hawaiin was the ONLY evidence in this whole case shows just what a fucking biased Commie asshole you are.


The ORIGINAL "BIRTH" DOCUMENT (Certification of Live Birth) ITSELF, released by the Muslim-in-Chief Usurper in April, 2011 was COMPUTER GENERATED, MODIFIED, FORGED and PROVEN so by countless image editing software EXPERTS in their field.  Of course, you totally ignore ALL of the FACTS surrounding the biggest fraud in the history of the*ANTI-Obama/Democrat/Commie/Union stickers, etc.

Fed up with Obama
Fed up with Obama

You are right.  Maybe is this wern't on Obama's mind he might convene his "Jobs Council" in the last 6 months instead of endless campaigning. Not important enought to have one I guess.  Jay Carney says he has too much on his plate to have one.   Maybe he could supervise Michelle and give her a lower budget than the millions of taxpayer money she has spent on her personal vacations at our expense.  Maybe he might give up one of his thousands of rounds of golf and get busy on fixing his corruption in government.  Oops guess he is too busy giving millions to Kenya, cutting of Border patrol offices in the Southwest, lying about "Fast and Furious",, signing his name to executive orders to keep his illegal activities a secret, etc.  The man is evil.....


 @tom010 I guess they need to arrest the Hawaii officials that forged and certified the birth certificate, both short and long form.  Until that happens, I guess you inbred, on branch family tree yahoos, we just have to watch Apaio's racial profiling trials.


Long live Palin.  Long live Palin, oh yeah, and Trump.

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