Joe Arpaio's Scooby Doo Gang Nails Obama on Alleged Damning Phone Interview With 95-year-old Woman, Presents Zero Real Evidence

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Photo by Jamie Peachey

Arpaio telling everyone what he contends is some really serious stuff.

An elderly man and his friend shouted about the president on Tuesday.

And Sheriff Joe Arpaio and so-called Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo added nothing to their running total of zero evidence that President Obama's birth certificate is fake, which they presented at a highly publicized press conference.

The "evidence" that Zullo presented wasn't at all groundbreaking like the posse had built it up to be leading up to the presser -- just like the last time the posse did the buildup to a disappointing press briefing.

Still he railed about how, despite the reluctance on the part of Hawaiian officials to lend a hand to the investigation, the posse was able to come up with damning new "information."

See more photos from Arpaio's Birther investigation.

Photo by Jason Lewis
Mike Zullo presents birther investigation discoveries during Tuesday's news conference.

Zullo said his ace-in-the-hole is an alleged telephone conversation with an "amazingly sharp" 95-year-old woman named Verna K. Lee, who worked at the Hawaiian registrar's office where birth certificates were verified. Her signature is printed on Obama's birth certificate.

Zullo also was concerned about pencil markings on the birth certificate, codes Zullo said he managed to decipher.

He also cited the previous discovery of the birth certificates of two twins named Susan and Gretchen Nordyke, born the day after Obama but whose certificates were stamped with identification numbers lower than Obama's. If done properly, the birth certificates should be stamped in order, but they're gathered for stamping in stacks each month.

"Mistakes [don't] happen on my watch," the old lady Lee reportedly told conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi -- a conversation in which Corsi introduced himself as a "reporter," and one that Zullo views as perfectly ethical.

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Could a title for an article scream "BIASED" any more  than this??? No wonder it's a blog and not a piece of journalism. Somebody needs to put the Koolade down and wake up. Or perhaps he's just another shill.


Hey, "Jason".  Get your nose, tongue, and head out of the illegal Kenyan Muslim Marxist racist Chicago street monkey's ass for 5 minutes and try some serious and objective reporting for once.  You amateur Commies, bought and paid for by America hater, George Soros, are just kidding yourselves with your childish "Journalism 101" rants.  To imply that the Cold Case Posse's interview with the 95 year old former Hawaiin was the ONLY evidence in this whole case shows just what a fucking biased Commie asshole you are.


The ORIGINAL "BIRTH" DOCUMENT (Certification of Live Birth) ITSELF, released by the Muslim-in-Chief Usurper in April, 2011 was COMPUTER GENERATED, MODIFIED, FORGED and PROVEN so by countless image editing software EXPERTS in their field.  Of course, you totally ignore ALL of the FACTS surrounding the biggest fraud in the history of the*ANTI-Obama/Democrat/Commie/Union stickers, etc.

Fed up with Obama
Fed up with Obama

You are right.  Maybe is this wern't on Obama's mind he might convene his "Jobs Council" in the last 6 months instead of endless campaigning. Not important enought to have one I guess.  Jay Carney says he has too much on his plate to have one.   Maybe he could supervise Michelle and give her a lower budget than the millions of taxpayer money she has spent on her personal vacations at our expense.  Maybe he might give up one of his thousands of rounds of golf and get busy on fixing his corruption in government.  Oops guess he is too busy giving millions to Kenya, cutting of Border patrol offices in the Southwest, lying about "Fast and Furious",, signing his name to executive orders to keep his illegal activities a secret, etc.  The man is evil.....


 @tom010 I guess they need to arrest the Hawaii officials that forged and certified the birth certificate, both short and long form.  Until that happens, I guess you inbred, on branch family tree yahoos, we just have to watch Apaio's racial profiling trials.


Long live Palin.  Long live Palin, oh yeah, and Trump.

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