Citizens United President: Ben Quayle Campaign Acting Like (Gasp!) Obama's

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(Oh yes he di-id.)
Turns out, we weren't the only ones who found yesterday's comments from Congressman Ben Quayle's campaign a little...weird.

In fact, the president of Citizens United -- which is supporting Quayle's primary opponent, David Schweikert -- says Quayle's campaign is doing stuff you'd expect from President Obama's campaign.

"It is always a telltale sign that an establishment campaign is floundering when they attack polls and use over-the-top language like 'liar' in a statement," Citizens United prez David Bossie's statement says. "You would expect these kinds of desperate tactics from the Obama campaign -- but not from a Republican in a GOP primary.  Ben Quayle is on his last legs in a losing campaign."

If Quayle's not genuinely offended by that, we'd be surprised.

Yesterday, Schweikert had released a couple poll results -- one commissioned by his campaign, and another commissioned by Citizens United -- which both showed him with a double-digit lead over Quayle.

It's impossible to tell if there's any credibility to these polls, but Quayle's camp got pissed.

"Everyone watching this race needs to understand that Dave Schweikert and his supporters lie for convenience, they lie for advantage, and they lie as a habit," Quayle campaign spokesman Jay Heiler said. "It's unfortunate, but the problem has manifested itself throughout this campaign and it's been done again here. Dave Schweikert is trailing in this race, and the more pressure his campaign is under, the more they will continue to lie."

Quayle's campaign did have a point, although it's not mentioned in that statement right there.

The polls should be viewed with skepticism.

The poll commissioned by the Citizens United Political Victory Fund was done by Wenzel Strategies, which does polling for the conspiracy-theory website WorldNetDaily.

Among Wenzel's findings for the tinfoil-hat committee:

  • "Even among the very liberal, 42 percent said [Rush Limbaugh] was helpful to America." [1]
  • "Even among the most liberal Americans - his most ardent supporters - more than 20 percent said they think [President Obama] is not eligible [for the office of president], yet there is no outrage or protests in the streets. [2]
  • "Among the 'very liberal,' nearly 53 percent said [Fox News host Bill] O'Reilly's work is good to excellent, while for the "liberal," that figure was 31.7 percent. [3]

Wenzel Strategies president Fritz Wenzel defended his polling company's work, saying, "We simply measure public opinion at a given period of time, but this latest survey in Arizona shows Quayle is clearly losing the race to hold onto a seat in Congress."

Since it was a Republican primary poll, we're guessing none of the apparently many Rush Limbaugh- and Bill O'Reilly-loving birther liberals were included.

Also, as a point of interest, if you ever get put on hold at the Citizens United Office, there's no elevator music -- it's Ronald Reagan's "A Time for Choosing" speech.

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Just watched the  Kyl support commercial for this dweeb/duechebag weenie....."he's tougher than he looks"   ....too funny.  He looks like a wanker who couldn't punch his way out of a wet paper bag.


When America was founded our Government was set up with Representatives to  communicate with "We the People " , and then to "Represent" the veiws of the "People" in Washington D.C.

We neede large numbers of Representatives because we communicated by carrier Pigeons, and Pony Express Mail.


Since the late seventeen hundreds our communication technology has slightly improved, and the "Fact" is we no longer need most of these bickering Idiots any longer!


Two Senators, and Two "Representatives with todays Internet, and Cell Phone Communicating Capabilities, would still be far more than sufficient, and perhaps, just perhaps the bickering would stop, and Congress could actually get some work done?


Just "Food for Thought"?


To: America, may we updated our Political System to match the Times we live in?


Another douche of a Quayle...good riddance to poor leadership.


Fritz Wenzel does land-line only sampling.  Anyone with any experience in polling/ audience measurement knows that land-line polling skews results to the radical right wing (think - whom do you exclude when you don't use mobile phones in your survey - what people are likely to only have mobile phones ...).


While Wenzel has a point about what you can tell when a target of a poll reacts negatively, you tell a WHOLE lot more about the survey designers in how they sur-respond.  Professionals point to how the poll was conducted, release the methods document and stand aside.  Hacks respond with anger, insults and a clear indication of on whose side they stand.


If Quayle looks bad, Wenzel looks worse.


James J. "Jay" Heiler is the biggest furking liar on the Planet!!!!  That man is a two-faced, fat assed lying pig!  He's not even an active lawyer, instead he's a corporate hack working at Apco Worldwide 5800 N Kiva Ln Paradise Valley, AZ 85253-5944 480.348.1032 Fax: 480.348.1033.


Sig was his nickname in college - Yeah I knew the creep.  He's a trust fund baby and never worked a real job a day in his life.  If you want an Analog to "Sig" Heiler, check out the Doonesbury character "Duke."  That's Sig all over. works in a communication firm that represents despots and criminals in the political world - he's a professional liar for evil people in companies and countries which act in a malicious manner towards others in an attempt to "mitigate" their actions.


Here's just one of APCOs slimier clients:


Yeah, he representat Russians!


And yet we won't have a moderate or liberal Democrat running in the new CD6.  Wonderful.


What is not reported is that Wenzel would consider Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan to be "Very Liberal"

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Look out, Bennie!  Those Citizens United folks don't like you one little bit.

Seems they've picked a real winner.  So sad.  Tell Dads.  He'll kiss your

boo-boo and make it better!

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