Tempe Naked Man on Bath Salts No. 3: Noah McQueen Fought Imaginary Bugs in Coffee Shop

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Noah McQueen after his February arrest on criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct charges.
Seriously, Tempe: put down the bath salts, and put on your clothes.

For the third time this week, Tempe police have arrested a naked person doing really weird things, and in each case, the person in question told police they had ingested the chemicals known as "bath salts."

The latest naked bath salts adventure occurred in the bathroom of Tempe's Xtreme Bean Coffee Company, where police say 18-year-old Noah McQueen was fighting imaginary bugs.

Tempe Police Sergeant Jeffrey Glover tells New Times that store employees noticed McQueen seemed jittery and nervous yesterday when he walked into the store, and he headed straight for the bathroom.

McQueen then barricaded himself inside the bathroom, causing enough of a stir for the cops to be called.

Glover says police noticed McQueen was acting delusional, and he was "convinced that he was being eaten alive by bugs."

After police broke down the door, not only was McQueen confused as to why no one else could see the "bugs" on him, but he'd also stripped naked and covered the bathroom in "quite a bit of blood," Glover says.

(We've seen a couple pictures; the bathroom looked a few pints short of a murder scene.)

McQueen had done "quite a number" on the bathroom, Glover says, including breaking the mirror and just generally trashing the place.

Police were able to calm McQueen down, and he was taken to the hospital for all of his injuries, including his admitted ingestion of bath salts, Glover says.

McQueen hasn't yet been booked into jail, and apparently is still in the hospital.

Glover says McQueen's facing a criminal damage charge.

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Anytime Some Company Decides to Make a Knock-Off, Or Designer Form of a Street Drug, It is Always More Dangerous than the Drug they are trying to Reproduce!  Never the less, Our Food and Drug Agencies Need to Keep the Idiots making them out of the Labs in the First Place!!  

What I have to say about Any Synthetic Drug Such as Spice and / or Bath Salts is STOP! Stop Making And Stop Doing POISON! Meth is bad Enough, it is made from Pool Acid and Red Phosphorous. That Alone can cause Death! 

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The Bible says in Genesis that ANY SEED BEARING PLANT IS HERE FOR ALL OF MANKIND TO USE AS WE SEE FIT!  Arizona May Freeze Over before it becomes 100% Legal! That is Truly a Sad Fact! When or IF, Pot becomes Legal, They Will TAX the Heck out of it! 

Bath Salts and Spice Will Kill People without a Doubt ! Marijuana Heals People !  Logic Says ???

Logic tells me that Our Government And Our Police Would Rather See Us Dead !  This Includes Our Own Joe Arpaio, Who was once Caught with Cocaine in the Trunk of his Car when returning from Mexico! He Is an Addict and No-one Dares to Stand up to Him over that fact! I can say I have seen the Pictures Proving that he has smoked Crack with the  Whores Down Town! I WISH I HAD THEM NOW TO SHOW THE WORLD !  They are Not Mine and I do not know how to get my hands on them! But IF I did !!!????  NO MORE Uncle Joe As Sherif! 

Oh Yes I am Taking a Big chance by telling this to the Public! I could end up in Prison and or Dead for Speaking this Truth !  It is easy to set some-one up for Whatever they want, After All Arpaio has Control.   


I used to be such good friends with Noah, its weird hearing about this stuff.....


yeah bonehead...keep that smug look... bet we read about him again....


Okay legalize all drugs, except for Meth and Bath Salts.


LMAO when are these people going to learn?


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