"Bath Salts" Not Found in Naked Carjacker John Brigham's System, but Cops Say PCP Was

brigham john suspect.JPG
John Brigham, allegedly naked and high on PCP while he allegedly committed many felonies in Scottsdale.
If you watch Fox News, you may have been led to believe that drugs known as "bath salts" are causing people in Arizona to get naked and steal cars, like in the case of John Brigham's alleged carjacking/car-crashing spree last week.

If you're trusting the cops on this one, it was PCP streaming through Brigham's veins while he frolicked around naked in the streets of Scottsdale before he stole a Toyota Prius and crashed into a bunch of cars, injuring several people in Scottsdale.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Brigham's spree started on Friday afternoon when he blew through a red light and ran into two cars.

Brigham then began shedding his clothes and ran down Via de Ventura before he jumped on top of one of the cars he'd crashed into and started "chanting unknown statements," the documents say.

Police say Brigham then made it onto Hayden Road and carjacked a woman driving a Toyota Prius.

After making it onto Shea Boulevard and heading toward the Loop 101 entrance, Brigham hopped the median and crashed into three more cars, while the Prius flipped a few times.

Brigham kept going, as police say he tried to "forcibly enter" three other cars that were stopped on Shea before officers showed up and arrested him.

One of the people he hit on Shea was a woman who sustained two broken legs from the crash. She's also eight months' pregnant, according to the documents.

Three other people were hospitalized after their crashes with Brigham, and Brigham himself also was hospitalized.

According to the documents, the initial toxicology report showed a presence of PCP in Brigham's body.

PCP has been involved in previous strange crimes in the Valley, such as the case of Eugene Gimzelberg, who took mushrooms and PCP before searching for imaginary children in a Gilbert sewer, and ended up getting stuck/tripping in the sewer for the next 36 hours.

Brigham didn't answer any of the cops' questions, according to the documents.

Brigham's facing 15 felonies and two misdemeanors, and his bond was set at $100,000.

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Ricky Hollywood
Ricky Hollywood

Awesome.  It's a God-off.  Who does God love more?  Which prayers will he answer?  Find out on Sunday!


I feel the same. He was my high school coach. Loved the guy he ment alot me. Hurt like hell seeing all this go down i wish him luck and a speedy recovery for all who were injured.


John was my high school english teacher from chandler and my mouth hit the floor when i saw the news. In school all he ever wanted was to help kids going down the wrong path....and i was one of those kids. Everyone effected by his actions are in my prayers. I hope he gets the help he needs


john Brigham was an all american wrestler and football captain and who comes from a very strong Family and loyal friends. The John I know was not capable of hurting innocent people unless under influence or some other major life altering event.  I wish a speedy recovery for all those injured and that John Brigham gets the medical attention he deserves.  I simply wish the best for a wickster who needs some help.  You will be in my prayers Johnny, do the right thing and get some help for a man who has so much to offer.


Anytime a person attempts to understand crazy..........

Triple-6 Gun Mane
Triple-6 Gun Mane

It's an epidemic of great proportions. Lot's of drug addicts and other fucked up people out there. Reminiscent to a zombie apocalypse of some kind, minus being dead. But they are losing their minds, nonetheless.

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