AZ GOP: Did Officials Bump Spokesman Shane Wikfors for Comments on Immigration Reform, a "Bitch Session," or for Asking a Latina When She Last Showed Her Papers?

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Shane Wikfors
What's going on with Shane Wikfors? The now former spokesman for the Arizona Republican Party?

"AZGOP Spox" used to be part of Wikfors twitter profile -- but now, it's gone. And up until mid-June, he was still being called a "spokesman for the Republican Party" and was officially its communications director.

We called the AZ GOP and were directed to Tim Sifert who said he was the communications director, and described Wikfors now as "an independent contractor."

Sifert said he'd get back to us with more details about when Wikfors' went from official spokesman to independent contractor. And he said he'd pass our messages along to Wikfors.

Did Wikfors get bumped from the party bus over his comments to Brahm Resnik on 12 News' Sunday Square Off in late June?

New Times Feathered Bastard wrote that during the show, which focused on President Obama's policy shift to temporarily stop deporting certain undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children, the (then?) "state GOP spokesman and conservative blogger Shane Wikfors gave a shockingly sane response:

"This is a conversation that's not going to go away anytime soon," he said. "And it's a conversation the Republican Party has got to have at our national convention at Tampa in August.

"I think this party needs to re-evaluate its position on how we deal with people [who] are part of us, part of our community," he added.

Wikfors noted that what he said "went against the grain," but he averred that state party Chairman Tom Morrissey was of the same mind."

Not long after, former former state GOP chair Randy Pullen (and others) called for Wikfors' head on a platter.

Or, did he get bumped because he referred to criticism from a Republican activist and an Arizona Republic columnist, who both happen to be women, as a "bitch session."

(We all know a bitch session is just a bitch session. It doesn't automatically mean the women involved in the session are bitches. But Wikfors is apparently doing too much of his own thinking and it apparently hasn't been sitting well with the Republican Party.)

Or, was Wikfors booted as top mouthpiece because -- just today -- in a tweet directed to Alexis Tameron, who is managing Richard Carmona's campaign for U.S. Senate and happens to be Latina, Wikfors asks her ‪"‬when was the last time you had to show papers @AlexisTameronAZ? How about when @CarmonaforAZ hired you? ‪#azsen‬."

We're trying not to read too much into this ... but it is a ridiculous question on such an politically-charged topic.

Is he suggesting that as a Latina she should show them? Is he raising a question about her status? Would he be asking an Anglo woman the same thing?

Sifert tells New Times that Wikfors' tweet to Tameron "is not connected to the Arizona Republican Party."

And just when we thought that Wikfors was going to be bringing a level of sanity to the Republican Party.

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wherewasi topcommenter

I'm guessing it was:


"I think this party needs to re-evaluate its position on how we deal with people [who] are part of us, part of our community," he added.


Ironically, I think it's one of the most rational things he has ever said, that he didn't mean to re-evaluate its position on illegal immigration, but rather re-evaluate the anti-Latino/Hispanic overtone of the party's platform to better relate to and attract the large LEGAL Latino/Hispanic population, and he was RIGHT.  Like it or not, Tea Baggers, they ARE an ever growing percentage of the LEGAL population and they are not going away.


When Pullen reared his ugly head after hearing that comment, I actually felt kind of sorry for Shane.  Imagine - not being able to have an independent thought and express it without fear of reprisal.  Of course, all I had to do is pop back over to Snorin Alliance this morning and see the new "article" on how Candy Andy was victimized and I remembered why I talk the shit I do about Tea Baggers.  Good thing that  part about "offending and annoying" people got taken out of the new law taking effect on August 2.  I'd be in jail by August 4 if "offending and annoying" was a new law.  Of course, you New Times writers would need to turn yourselves in voluntarily on August 1 ...  LOL.


YPS, I've had to show actual proof of citizenship 3 times in the last 25 years. And yes, those were during the hiring process. That's not a common practice. You have a lawyer's way with words.

David Saint
David Saint

you know i always just thought you were a little off your i see i was are just a racist asshole who doesnt know his dick from his ass. 


"Shane!  Come back Shane!" (well that was the closing of an old movie...) Today, it's "Shane!  Go away Shane!  Hit the road Jack!" And couldn't happen to a bigger clown.

Michael Bryan
Michael Bryan

Nice gig Shane had there. I would be happy to say stupid and embarrassing shit for a month on behalf of the Republican Party. And I wouldn't charge nearly 10K for it...


Maybe Chairman Morrissey had an epiphany and reached the conclusion Shane was incompetent and let him go. They had paid him $10,000.00 from Jan. to June and maybe he was worth the money.


He was pointing out that having to show proof of citizenship is a common practice that all must endure. The example of having to show identification during a hiring process should be a simple example that even those with the weakest ability to understand should be able to grasp. Nice pretzel logic you silly chubby Yaqui.

Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

He showed his true colors and he turned out to be another typical racist nativist in the GOP element.

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