Ame Deal's Father May Have Tried (and Failed) to Skip Town During Three Days of Freedom

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David Deal
If David Deal, the father of Ame Deal -- the 10-year-old girl who died a year ago after her family members admittedly stuffed the girl in a footlocker -- wanted to skip town between his arrests this weekend, he had about three days.

If Deal actually tried to leave town, he failed to do so.

Deal was arrested on Friday night for allegedly abusing his daughter before her death, and was let go shortly after that without having to post bond.

After a grand jury indicted him on one count of felony child abuse, a warrant was issued Monday night for Deal's arrest.

The cops didn't waste too much time picking him up, and according to court documents obtained by New Times, caught Deal while he was loading his stuff into a U-Haul truck.

Officers watched from the front of Deal's residence as he loaded things into the truck before arresting him, although it's not known exactly where he intended to drive the U-Haul truck full of his possessions.

This time around, with the grand jury indictment, a judge set Deal's bond at $250,000.

Police say Deal locked Ame in a trunk as punishment from December 2010 until July 2011, when she died from suffocation after being locked in the trunk by other family members.

According to witness accounts, Deal was the first person to keep Ame in confinement, starting with keeping his daughter locked in a dog kennel.

Police say Deal also locked Ame in a box, then tossed it in the backyard swimming pool.

Deal's reason for doing this, police say, was because Ame "kept crying and yelling she could not breathe during the confinement."

Deal denied to police that he'd abused his daughter, but a Phoenix police spokesman says Deal described his own daughter as a "Pillsbury Doughboy looking thing and said her mental problems frustrated others."

Ame's cousins, John and Samantha Allen, were charged with first-degree murder last year after they admittedly locked Deal in the footlocker the night she died because she took a Popsicle without asking.

Her grandmother, Judith Deal, her aunt, Cynthia Stolzmann, were arrested after Ame's death on child-abuse charges.

Ammandea Stoltzmann, another relative, was arrested in February for previous alleged abuses of the girl.

Deal's arraignment is scheduled for Monday.

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He should suffer the same fate, put him in the same container and when he complains, shoot the container with a 410 - 000, wait a hour shoot again and then bury, karma will then be restored.

ol salty
ol salty

Ame can rest in peace since her family put her through a living hell.  Their behavior is way beyond abuse.  It was torture that practically involved all the adults in the family.  Are there any other children associated with these sickos? 


LoL I was able to take all of my camping equipment plus my EX-wife in a Civic hatchback. I think I could probably fit the entire car and all of its contents in my new truck I traded in for. My Civic was dying and to enter the business I one day want to run I needed a truck. I hate the gas mileage, but I love my truck anyways.  As for the guy, why didn't the woman that concieved the child (I don't really want to call her a mother) just get an abortion if she didn't love her child? Or put her up for adoption, so that one of those pro-life douchebags could adopt her and love her? People like this are the reason I think abortion should be legal.

gregg r
gregg r

true i agree, but unfortuntely, a maid working in a hotel has first dibbs on a jail cell , according to police in AZ

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

He needed a U-Haul truck for his tent? I have a tent I can pack on my mountain bike. That's a whole lot cheaper than a truck and gets much better mileage.... This guy is a totally sick man. It's unfortunate he was able to procreate. 

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