A-Hole With a Gun Points Firearm at High School Band for Making Noise

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Nobody likes the noise a high school band makes, but one guy just had to point a gun at them over it.
Some jackass ruined Peoria High School's band camp by pointing a gun at some of the band members because he didn't like the noise.

The band was up in Prescott last night, playing some tunes around 9:45 p.m. at the Emmanuel Pines Camp when a man with a gun told everyone to stop making noise, according to an account from the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office.

While pointing the gun at just about everyone there, the Sheriff's Office says the man asked the band director, "Do we have an understanding?"

As to not aggravate the only guy there with a gun, the band director said yes, they had an understanding.

YCSO says the guy was pointing the gun at members of the 52-person band and its staff for less than a minute before he just left.

Deputies searched for the guy, but there was no luck with that. Not surprisingly, YCSO's thinking it's possible the guy lives near the camp.

He may have either a British or New York accent, or he may not have an accent, which doesn't really make sense.

If you know the guy -- who's described as being in his 50s -- YCSO asks that you phone them up.

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Wait.  Not one person took out their phone and took a picture?  Not one?


and here we have all the dumbshit republicans that want the gun laws to remain lax?


 @phxjustice sure go ahead a take a flash pic with a gun on you.  with all the pedo crap in the news it would seem the camp would have surveillance


 @jon49417 I just find it interesting that kids will "film" fights in school and a bunch of other stuff and not one thought to take a photo so as police could identify the person.

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