Paul Penzone Campaign's Challenge to Mike Stauffer's Signatures Dropped

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Mike Stauffer
The campaign manager for independent Maricopa County Sheriff candidate Mike Stauffer says the challenge to Stauffer's nomination signatures has been dropped.

With the support of Democratic candidate Paul Penzone, plaintiff Lois Pfau filed the claim, alleging 12,726 of Stauffer's 29,794 submitted signatures were invalid, for various reasons.

Stauffer needed 19,410 valid signatures to secure his spot on the general election ballot in November, and the Stauffer camp says the Maricopa County Recorder's review leaves him well above the minimum to face off against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Many of the issues with the signatures in the complaint -- found here -- included things being printed on the wrong line on the forms.

In a statement, the Stauffer campaign says Penzone and the Dems were "taking a page directly from the Arpaio playbook" by challenging the signatures.

Common thought would be that Penzone would prefer that Stauffer not be in the race, in order to avoid a split of the anti-Arpaio votes.

On the other hand, it seems Stauffer's side thinks Penzone's pretty useless too.

Last week, Stauffer's campaign manager West Kenyon denied that thought on the candidate's Facebook page, supporting what's likely going to be a three-way race:

"Will a three-way race split the vote?" Absolutely not. Again the party system and the opponents who are owned by the party system want you to believe that too. A Democrat in this particular election year, for this particular office of Maricopa County Sheriff, stands little chance of being elected and collecting only a minimal number of votes. Based on statistics it isn't a three-way race. The race will be between Arpaio and Stauffer. To clarify, will the Democratic opponent collect votes? Absolutely, but only the votes that would not have gone to Arpaio or Stauffer in the first place, hence the vote is not going to be split.

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notgivingup 1 Like

Wondering where the money comes from for the support of the three candidates.  Much or Arpiao's is from ACA and out of state supporters, Penzone pretty much Democrats...and Stauffer?


You obviously haven't heard the two of them speak. Penzone crushes Stauffer in a debate. Stauffer can't say,"I'm Scottsdale lieutenant mike Stauffer and I want to be your sheriff!" without stuttering, stammering and spitting it out. He has horrible skills communicating orally.


That's the problem with Arizona to begin with, rather than listen to what someone is  saying people are too focused on HOW they are saying it.Sad, this is why Arizona is failing. Too much focus on the shiny rocks and twigs.Not enough focus on substantial merits.


I think New Times needs to sponsor and moderate a public debate between Penzone and Stauffer and make it public both on video and in print / web for all to see! That will prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that Stauffer really is the smarter choice since Penzone does not seem to be capable of articulating any actual plans like Stauffer has consistently done for months!

EnoughisEnough 1 Like

We have a real life villain here in AZ in Arpaio, and you can't be bothered to put down the stauffer kool-aid. After you've gone Ralph Nader and helped Arpaio get back in, the blood will be on your hands as well for the people who die in his prisons and the families he continues to rip apart with his cruel tactics. Hopefully you can find your brain and your heart for 5 minutes and do the right thing. People outside AZ wonder how someone like Arpaio can continue to be re-elected and its a combination of right wing nuts and people like you who can't help but screw it up. A Republican who backed out of a primary fight with Joe to run 3rd party with no support...sounds like a real winner. Democrats can and do continually get elected in this county, you know who doesn't?? Independent candidates. Do some research. And if you don't know "who the hell Penzone is" do some more research, attend some of his events, go on his facebook page and ask questions. Penzone is the only guy who stands a chance of beating Arpaio, you can either be part of it or not...its your conscience you have to live with.

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