Michael Marin, "Burning Man," Had Some Sort of "Medical Emergency" After Verdict Read

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Michael Marin
We're not at the Maricopa County Superior Court, but a court spokesman tells New Times that "Burning Man" Michael Marin collapsed after his guilty verdict was announced.

The Arizona Republic's Michael Kiefer was in the courtroom, and is saying Marin had a seizure after the verdict was read -- as Marin was found guilty of burning down his Biltmore Estates mansion in July 2009 -- and collapsed shortly after that.

A court spokesman says Marin's been transported to a hospital, and Judge Bruce Cohen ruled that "footage of [Marin's] medical treatment" cannot be aired.

A grainy photo does exist, though.

We're told that CPR was being performed on Marin before being transferred to the hospital, so we'll have to wait to see how that ends up.

In the meantime, here's Kiefer's "tweet" summary:

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