Lee Lubonne, Self-Described "Sex Pig," Pleads Not Guilty to Rape and Other Charges

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Lee Lubonne says he's not guilty.
Lee Charles Lubonne, the self-described "sex pig" charged in two sexual assaults, pleaded not guilty at his arraignment this morning.

Judging from what sex-crime detectives found in his house, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office thought there was a "possibility" there were more victims, and Lubonne, a 44-year-old father of two from Litchfield Park, "may" have been a serial sexual predator.

No one else came forward with allegations against Lubonne as of a couple weeks ago -- we're in the process of making sure no one else has since -- but some of the evidence at the home suggested there may have been more victims, according to the Sheriff's Office.

UPDATE: Sheriff's Office says no new allegations, but they're still investigating.

The items found at his house include various recording devices, a duffel bag filled with "sexual apparatus[es]," a bag of what detectives believe are "trophies" -- including medication bottles, printouts of profiles of women from social-networking websites, and maps -- as well as 13 hard drives and thumb drives locked in a safe, according to the Sheriff's Office.

The to-do lists found in his car and home also aroused the suspicions of detectives, as one said he had to meet one of the victims and buy zip ties, and another "stated his desire to stop being a 'sex pig' and to find Jesus," according to MCSO.

As of now, the Sheriff's Office says Lubonne is a suspect in "at least two" sexual assaults, both of whom met Lubonne through the Internet.

One of those victims was Sarah Walker, who was arrested in February, along with her husband and another man, in an undercover MCSO bestiality bust publicized by Arpaio in one of his infamous press releases -- which has since been removed from MCSO's online archives.

Walker told New Times she was brutally sexually assaulted, and eventually got away by telling Lubonne that her ankle monitor would lead the cops straight to him.

The Sheriff's Office said the name and address Walker provided investigators matched another case, of a 15-year-old girl who said she was raped by a man she met on Craigslist while she was seeking babysitting jobs.

Both alleged victims identified Lubonne from a photo lineup, and both described Lubonne's home, bedroom, and vehicle.

Lubonne was being held without bond on charges of sexual assault, kidnapping, and sexual abuse.

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