Ben Quayle's Baby Doesn't Like Barack Obama Either (Sigh)

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Photo by Matthew Hendley
Ben and Tiffany Quayle.
Well, right after we tell you about Congressman Ben Quayle not trash-talking President Obama for once, we opened an email from the Congressman's campaign about his first TV ad for this election cycle.

This advertisement features the whole Ben Quayle family, including wife Tiffany any baby Evie. (No, they're still not "rented.")

Turns out -- at least according to Mrs. Q -- that their baby probably doesn't like Obama, just like her old man.

"Evie was born last year and entered the world, as do all American children, with more than $50,000 in debt," the campaign writes. "Tiffany Quayle notes this fact in the spot before Ben asserts, while Evie smiles, that Barack Obama must be stopped at one term."

The youngster's apparently a chip of the old block, as the Congressman raised some eyebrows when he declared "Barack Obama is the worst president in history" during his 2010 campaign.

Pretty much every time Obama does something that makes national headlines, there's a statement from Quayle about how awful it was.

That said, you can find Quayle's anti-Obama baby below:

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Allan Bartlett
Allan Bartlett

one potato between his legs, two potatos on the wifes chest...

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

I share your anguish by also living in his district. So far I am not impressed by his performance and think the developer might be the better choice. It's still hard for me to fathom that a guy like this who didn't even bother to vote in local and state elections suddenly became interested in taking a job to do 'good' for the people. I will say his wife and daughter are both very pretty, however.


I live in Quayle’s district—unfortunately—and he’s been polluting my mailbox on a weekly basis of late with full-color glossy pieces of junk mail about all the great things he’s doing in DC on behalf of the people of AZ. (Wonder how much taxpayer money is being pissed away on that crap? Or maybe his good friends the Koch brothers are footing the bill? Either way, there is something very viscerally satisfying about running it through my paper shredder.) Sorry Benjie, I ain’t buying your bullshit. You don’t a flying rat’s ass about people like me, and you know it. You were, are, and always will be nothing but a spineless, spoiled, pampered, sheltered, snotty, bratty little douchebag. You would still be boozing and whoring your way through the Scottsdale bars with your good friend Nik Richie, if your blueblood parents hadn’t bought a seat in congress for you (with a little help from some of their 1% friends, of course.) They had no choice I suppose; you got fired from your law firm job because you couldn’t be arsed to put in your required billable hours, and they couldn’t have you partying away your trust fund. Otherwise it probably would have only been a matter of time before you were slapped with a paternity suit by some fugly Scottsdale cougar or her barely legal club-girl daughter. Heaven forbid you bring such shame the Quayle family’s good name! Wonder if Mommy and Daddy bought your little Barbie-doll wife and kid for you too….well, maybe they didn’t, but I’m sure they made sure she signed an ironclad prenup!   Not that your competitor, David Swine… uh, I mean Schweikert, is any prize either…just another slimy little real estate developer and rabid right-wing kook, nothing more…*sigh.* Maybe I’ll just write in “Mickey Mouse,” because everyone knows a Democrat doesn’t stand a chance in hell in this district, and a cartoon character would be a better choice than either of these two asshats.  

Matthew Hendley
Matthew Hendley

Yep, he's Dan's kiddo. Google "tater tot Quayle"; we ran a cover story on him a couple years back.


Is he related to Dan Q?

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