Washington D.C. Group Sets Up Constituent Service Day for "Mayor" Trent Franks

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Arizona Representative, sometimes Washington D.C. representative, Trent Franks.
Arizona Congressman Trent Franks' work for his constituents currently includes pushing a bill for (of course) tighter abortion regulations.

Problem is, the Arizona Congressman's bill only applies to D.C., as Congress has supreme authority over the city's laws, and Franks has taken it upon himself to tell the District what its laws ought to be.

Well, if Franks wants to play "Mayor" of D.C., he should start acting like it, an advocacy group says.

Therefore, "DC Vote" has set up a "constituent service day" for Franks, so he can hear from his new-found constituents on issues like problems with garbage pickup.

"If 'Mayor' Franks is so eager to interfere in our community, let's drop by his office to tell him what really needs fixing," the group says. "Come out to 'Mayor' Franks' DC Constituent Services Day at 12 noon on Wednesday May 23."

Here's what DC Votes thinks constituents should bring up to their new "mayor":

Pot holes, broken street lights, broken traffic lights, issues with street signs, problems with trash/recycling pick-up, permit issues, problems with car registration, the need for bike lanes, [and] any other problems you think the "Mayor" should worry about.

This is apparently what Franks' new constituents are actually concerned about, not banning abortions past 20 weeks of pregnancy.

According to a Washington Post account, there was a hearing on Franks' bill -- the "District of Columbia Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act" -- and during that hearing, Franks and other Republicans blocked the District's only member of Congress from speaking on the matter.

Note to Arizona's second Congressional district: This guy's supposed to be representing you.

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John Capozzi
John Capozzi

I called the Congressman's office on Friday, 202 224-3121
and asked about how he has had extra time to work on DC problems, since he must
feel he has solved all the problems of his constituents in his district. He
needs to be fixing the problems for the people in Arizona who elected him, rather than micromanaging

Why not ask him about unemployment, the Debt, etc?



What arrogance!  Another embarrassment for the good people of Arizona.  This is just tiring and so beyond old.  


I'm an Arizonan living in DC. I follow Arizona politics with fascination, always thinking, "At least these idiots can't bother me out here." I guess I was wrong!

D.C. Resident
D.C. Resident

I am a D.C. resident and today I called about the reopening of my neighborhood recreation center.  I'm concerned that there is not enough monitoring by the police and that some of the "unsavory" activities that were going on before will return.  Sadly, the woman in the D.C. office was completely useless saying Franks could not do anything but that's a lie.  He could easily pass a bill in Congress requiring more police presence near the rec center.

Monday's phone call is going to be about bike lanes.

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