Can the Phoenix Coyotes Come Back From 0-2 Deficit to Beat the Los Angeles Kings?

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After an awful loss in Glendale on Tuesday, the Phoenix Coyotes dropped to 0-2 against the Los Angeles Kings in the Western Conference finals.

The Coyotes haven't played well -- at all -- in the first two games, and despite three Coyotes players being booted from the last game for playing a little rough, only center Martin Hanzal's suspended for this game (more on that below).

The next two games are in Los Angeles, including tonight's game, so things aren't exactly looking ideal at this point.

For this morning's poll: Can the Coyotes come back to win the Western Conference finals?

Cast your vote below:

As for the Hanzal situation mentioned above, here's the video explanation from the NHL:

As we noted yesterday, the Kings' Dustin Brown reacts to the hit as if the only way he's leaving the arena is in a body bag, then magically recovered by the time play resumed.

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Chris Randall
Chris Randall

My rule of thumb: if the headline for an article ends in a question mark, the answer is "no." That seems to apply here. 

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