Are You Buying Paul Babeu's Explanation for Dropping Out of Congressional Race?

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Our colleague Monica Alonzo reported late last week that Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu's dropping his congressional bid, which might not exactly come as a surprise.

What may come as a surprise is his explanation why he's dropping out of the race, which happens to exclude anything about the abuse-of-power allegations from his Mexican ex-boyfriend, the allegations stemming from his time atop a Massachusetts school for troubled teens, his dismal poll numbers and fundraising dip, as well as everything else on the laundry list.

Instead, Babeu's announcement was that he just has to be sheriff again.

Babeu announced he's going to run for re-election instead of giving his buddy Chief Deputy Steve Henry a shot, as Henry's campaign website disappeared shortly thereafter.

Babeu's reasoning behind this is that the federal agency investigating Babeu and other members of his office for participating in political activities says Henry can't run for sheriff in his current position. Thus, in Babeu's mind, he has to continue as sheriff.

"The federal Office of Special Counsel has advised Chief Henry that because our office receives federal funds and Steve supervises those who are in control of federal funds, he is not able to run for Sheriff while serving as our Chief Deputy," Babeu said in a statement. "Chief Henry was left three choices, resign his position as Chief Deputy and run for Sheriff, withdraw his candidacy for Sheriff or transfer to a non-leadership position within our office where he would not supervise anybody who handles any federal funding. Forget the politics, none of these options are good to maintain the continued success of our Sheriff's Office.

Are you buyin' a word of that?

Cast your vote below:

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The Babeu saga:  A promising career cut short by a crippling Blow Job.


Pinal County has a chance to elect an honest professional sheriff, Jack McClaren.  The power brokers and the Corrupt County Officials are extremely afraid of such a man.  Hopefully, the voters will recognize this and vote for such a man.


David Thompson
David Thompson

“The American people are tired of politicians who talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk when it comes to fiscal responsibility.” – Barack Obama, February 2010.
One of the few times I agree with President Obama.

Paul Babeu is one of those who are not Fiscally Responsible (over budget by 7% or $3 million Dollars). A thief by stealing money from the Jail improvement Fund to help pay down his out of control spending! 
A Liar saying the Budget is balanced with a surplus then asking for over $600,000 to help balance the budget (Where is the Surplus?).

Paul Babeu know one cares that you are a Homosexual !

This is about Abuse of Power (Not your bedroom antics).
Your smoke Screen is thin on the Gay issue.
Now several Investigations have been launched into PCSO Command Cartel with Paul Babeu being the Head of said Cartel.

What happened to the 165 day cap on Internal Affair investigations?
How many of the 30 plus Officers on Paid Admin. Leave have exceeded that so far(and Counting)?
Of the 12 Officers that you let go ALL but one has won back there Job! Lets not forget the Lawsuits they filed for wrongful termination!

As Headmaster You were and still are a bully! You abused the children under your authority, just as you abuse the Deputies under your authority! Like Lt. Dickson (Who did nothing wrong), yet you used County resources for politics. Plus Posted Nude Photos on the Internet (Very Poor Judgement).

Paul Babeu you lied about the Photo Radar Ticket and the Budget and yet you Fired Deputy Purroll for Lying. Double standard there!

Did you ever do anything about the evidence/property room?
What about the stolen weapons and drugs?
What about the 300 plus rape kits?

Now you say you dropped out for continuity this is another lie!
Steve Henry was going to run for Sheriff while you were still Sheriff. He would have had to resign as soon as he filed and came out of exploratory status .

You still would have been in charge as Sheriff. Another smoke screen blowing the wrong way, as can see right through it!

Another lie is you say you are conservative yet waste R.I.C.O. money meant for Law Enforcement to help fight crime.
You know like help purchase equipment for the S.W.A.T. so they can quit holding fund raiser for there equipment.

You state you cut response times. This is true if you live in San Tan Valley like you do. What about the rest of the County like Queen Valley? No change there! It is all a matter of perspective. You did not cut response times in the entire County as you would like Voters to believe! Just a stretch of the truth or another lie!

Lets look at your stance on enforcing the law: Lt. Villar, criminal speed, child endangerment, abuse of authority, Unlawful use of county issued vehicle (Criminal act).

What did you do?

Nothing but do not do again. What if that was a Pinal Voter?

Well they would be doing jail time and fines and probably not have a license.

Lets not forget about PCSO Chauffeur Service for Cheryl Chase.

So tell me why Chief Deputy Steven J. Henry is not on paid Admin. Leave since he was using Pinal County Resources and Staff for his Exploratory for Sheriff?

Very similar to what you accused Lt. Dickson of now isn't it!

What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander!

Tubes Fan
Tubes Fan

Prissy little queer, isn't he? Henry shouda told him too piss up a rope and run anyway.


That Poacher Henry has no more business being a Law enforcement Officer than Babeu.

Don Davis
Don Davis

The explanation that he controls federal funds does not ring true.


Just like the rest of Arizona's politicians, full of crap.....

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