Lisa Aubuchon and Husband Peter Pestalozzi Owe $40,721 in Federal Taxes; Also, Aubuchon Appeals Judge's Immunity Ruling

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Lisa Aubuchon and her husband, attorney Peter Pestalozzi, owe $40,721 in federal taxes. Aubuchon says the tax burden resulted from cashing out her retirement pay.

Former proseuctor Lisa Aubuchon and her husband, Peter Pestalozzi, owe $40,721 in federal taxes, records show.

The federal tax lien listed on the Maricopa County Recorder's website includes $3,388 in unpaid taxes for 2009 and $37,332 for 2010.

Aubuchon, who was disbarred on April 10 along with her former County Attorney boss, Andrew Thomas, was fired from her job as deputy county attorney in late 2010.

In a text message sent to New Times, Aubuchon states that "the tax debt was due to me being forced to cash out my retirement."

Aubuchon filed a $10 million notice of claim Aubuchon filed against the county in mid-2010 that alludes to her loss of earnings. She was demoted in May 2010, hit with a "pre-termination" letter that September and subsequently was fired.

Her claim turned into a federal lawsuit that was consolidated with other officials suing the county, including County Supervisors Mary Rose Wilcox and Don Stapley.

U.S. District Judge Neil Wake ruled last month in that lawsuit that Aubuchon and Thomas didn't enjoy absolute immunity for their actions in filing their infamous (and, ultimately, failed) federal racketeering civil suit with Sheriff Joe Arpaio against county officials, judges and private lawyers.

On Friday, Aubuchon and Thomas filed appeals of Wake's April order. They also hope to persuade Judge Wake to delay any proceedings on the lawsuit until the appeal of Wake's order is settled.

She's being represented in the appeal of Wake's order by Scottsdale lawyers James Mueller and Douglas Drury.

Aubuchon is also appealing the disbarment order, which becomes effective on May 10.
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Lisa was "forced" to cash out her retirement?  Did someone hold a gun to her head or is it really more of a case that she's a bad at managing her finances as she was at doing her job at the MCAO?

If you cash out your retirement the retirement plan is REQUIRED to withhold taxes and you certainly would be prudent if you didn't blow the rest of the money but instead set aside enough to pay your tax bill.

Lisa continues to make excuses and not take personal responsibility.  Her failure to pay her taxes has nothing to do with being force to cash out her retirement and everything to do with her SPENDING the money she got from cashing out her retirement on things other than her expected tax bill.


We were across-the-street neighbors of Lisa and Pete.   Though career driven, Lisa was always family focused.  Hope their troubles end soon. 

Marcy 1 Like

It's a shame she destroyed other people's families instead of showing them the same care and consideration she does with her own.  

Her family will survive, just not with an income from her being an attorney.

Kpegjer94 1 Like

what is your point ????????   she  is .....was a crooked laywer  doing another sleeze crooked lawrers bidding ........KARMA .........what goes around comes around   DO FEEL SORRY JUST BECAUSE SHE IS A GOOD MOTHER  ....... IT WAS HER CHOICE .......


With as bad as a job she did the State of Arizona should be suing her to get back what they paid her. 

Tubes Fan
Tubes Fan

The REAL shocker here -some guy MARRIED her?
Poor schmuck.

Rvhobo195 1 Like

Karma is a bummer, she is only reaping what she sowed! It is always beautiful to see the arrogant, xenophobic, ruthless, ambitious who walk over anyone to get to some high and mighty place they think is their due! I guess the old saying of the bigger one thinks one is the harder they truly fall, I doubt the IRS will be a easy one to con, they might reach a agreement, my guess is she is due much ore bad karma before its over with!

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