Lawyer Ed Moriarity Quits as Lisa Aubuchon's Pro-Bono Lawyer Because of Costs; Still Working for David Hendershott and Joel Fox

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Ed Moriarity

Ed Moriarity has quit as Lisa Aubuchon's pro-bono attorney, saying he and his law firm can no longer afford to work on her long-running case.

The countrified, oft-combative Montana lawyer defended Aubuchon for free through the disciplinary hearings that resulted in the disbarment of his client and former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas.

Aubuchon, who was fired from her job as deputy county attorney, is appealing the disbarment order and has won a temporary stay. She can continue to practice law until the state Supreme Court decides if the disbarment can be stayed throughout her entire appeal process.

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Lisa Aubuchon

In other words, she's going to need a lawyer for a while yet. But Moriarity has had enough.

A motion to be relieved as her attorney was granted this week. In that
motion, Moriarity says he and one of his partners, Bradley Booke, "have
been participating in this lengthy litigation and have not been

"Additionally, they have paid all of the case-related costs, which are
well in excess of $100,000," Moriarity wrote. "They cannot afford to
continue to do so."

Aubuchon declined to comment on the matter. Moriarity did not return an e-mail sent to him on Thursday.

This doesn't mean Moriarity is leaving Arizona for good. He's the lawyer for Sheriff Joe Arpaio's former top men, David Hendershott and Larry Black, plus Black's good friend Joel Fox, who are suing Arpaio, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu and others in a lawsuit filed last month.

Hendershott, Black and Fox were fired after an investigation
revealed they were key players in a long list of scandals, ethical
lapses and potential crimes. Moriarity had represented Hendershott and
Black in a previous lawsuit that was reportedly thrown out of court.
He's also still representing Fox in the former captain's appeal of his

Presumably, the trio scraped up enough cash to satisfy the lawyer's needs.

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With a lawyer like that, who needs a prosecutor? Sheez, I would pay him to quit.


I never understood why she had a pro bono lawyer for the bar hearing.  It seems that the county would have paid for that as they did with Thomas and Alexander.  


That sure was a long article to point out that Lisa's lawyer bailed because there isn't any money in repeatedly losing cases for a non-paying client.


Well, I guess this means old Ed doesn't think Lisa's suit against the County has a snowball's chance in hell.  He would've stuck around if he thought she had a multi-million dollar payday coming up.


How's it feel Bitch ?


Oh look, it's Colonel Sanders...

Eric Nelson745
Eric Nelson745

She could represent herself, of course, but she'd have a fool for a client.

LD19 Resident
LD19 Resident

Sucks to be you. Lisa.

Welcome to our world of lawyers who bill per hour at the rate of $500 plus a $10,000 retainer fee.

Hey!! Maybe you can represent yourself, or maybe Rachel "I use MCSO shurf hair oil for hairgel" Alexander can represent you. 

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