Glendale PD: Don't Pick Up Random Flashlights -- They May Be IEDs

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Glendale PD
Two of those flashlights found in Glendale were actually improvised explosive devices.
For the strange public-service announcement of the day, the Glendale Police Department urges that you not pick up any random flashlights you find around the city.

Even stranger is the reason why -- two citizens have discovered that the flashlight they found was actually an improvised explosive device.

According to Glendale police those two residents found regular yellow handheld flashlights outside, and both flashlights exploded when they tried to turn them on.

"Thankfully, no one was seriously injured in either event, but Explosive Ordinance Experts say that these devices were built to inflict serious injury," police say in a statement.

Local police agencies are working on the case, but as you can imagine, federal agencies are involved as well.

Just to be sure, if you find a flashlight that isn't yours -- any flashlight -- don't pick the friggin' thing up.

Both of the explosives were housed in the flashlights pictured above, but Glendale police say "explosives experts" are asking that you call 9-1-1 if you find any flashlight, no matter what color or shape.

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Tubes Fan
Tubes Fan

Don't you think this would be Big News all over the AP and Reuters, at least.
Nothing. Now why is that.


I actually just called Glendale PD and they confirmed this report. 


Tubes fan, do everyone a favor and if you find a yellow flash light in Glendale, turn it on!!
I guess you don't care about a child finding one and getting killed.

Tubes Fan
Tubes Fan

Yeah right, I call bullshit on this. Sounds more like Glendale PD is competing for the latest round of "Homeland" security $$$$ handouts with this horror story.
You're more at risk of an accident with a drunken off-duty Glendale pig on his motorcycle than this crap.

Get a Clue
Get a Clue

 And you believe everything the "police" confirm.  Well, then I am sure that you don't remember that we had concentration camps in America during wwII.

Tubes Fan
Tubes Fan

Do you believe everything you are told?
Do you live in fear?
Oh my, gentle citizen! Go wave a flag, -and Be Well.

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