George H.W. Bush Approves of Vernon Parker; One-Time President Seems to Think Parker Has the Vision Thing

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George H.W. Bush would like you to vote for this gentleman, Vernon Parker.
Congressional candidate Vernon Parker, who once kind of ran for governor for a bit, now has the stamp of approval from his ex-boss, former President George H.W. Bush.

Parker's among the approximate truckload of candidates running for Congress in the newly formed Ninth Congressional District, which just had another addition -- Scottsdale Councilwoman Lisa Borowsky.

Endorsements don't come from much higher up than a former president, even if he was only around for one term.

Parker, a former aide to Bush, seems pretty excited about his new endorsement.

"President Bush epitomizes all that I aspire to be as an American, a public servant, and as this new district's first Member of Congress," Parker says in a statement. "President Bush is a statesman whose legacy will loom large."

Whether that aspiration is to be President of the United States or to be like Bush, either one's just about enough to scare the pants off your neighborhood liberal.

Bush gave his endorsement in the form of a letter to Parker, giving his encouragement for people to vote for the freshly reelected Paradise Valley councilman.

"Vernon is a good man who served honorably in my Administration," Bush's letter says. "Vernon is a leader who demonstrates conservative values, love for country, and commitment to excellence in all that he has done."

Just to be sure, we checked out Parker's campaign website to make sure there wasn't a promise of "no new taxes." No promises, but he doesn't like taxes.

Parker, as you may recall, has tried this Congress thing before -- he came in fourth among Republican hopefuls in the 2010 primary for the state's Third Congressional District, behind now-Congressman Ben Quayle, Steve Moak, and Jim Waring.

CD9's Republican candidates this time around include Parker, Borowsky, Wendy Rogers, Travis Grantham, Leah Campos Schandlbauer and Martin Sepulveda. Maricopa County Supervisor Don Stapley was on that list, but called it quits shortly after announcing his bid.

The Dems are David Schapira, Andrei Cherny, and Kyrsten Sinema.

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Beyond a joke and GOP paid stooge, he has run for everything as a cough,
cough, couch, 'conservative' and has yet to win or will win, time to get a real
job Vernon, you had Arpio back you and lost to the dimwit Qualye last go round
and you think that the 'GOP faithful' cares what your lousy former boss has to
say, in Arizona, umm, good luck with that!


there aren't many things i can think of that are more pointless than a "black conservative".  in a white supremecist racist society/culture that has from it's inception done all it could to neutralize african people and african men in particular, what on earth is there for black people in america to "conserve"?  what is there even to identify with for black people regarding the conservative political party in this "so called democracy"? the conservative party is of and for white people and white males in particular. there's nothing more obvious.

i'm not naive.  the liberal politicl party in this country is merely the other side of the same racist coin.  they're more tolerant, a bit more open minded, but still, they want what's theirs first and still at the expense of the black and brown under class.  few of them think, talk, and live life with any real notion of equality regarding people of color. they are the ones that make the party tolerable. they're the vocal conscience of the party if you will.

conservatives are just plain and simple in your  face with their racism.  fox tv, teabaggers, rush, beck, gov. walker, koch brothers and all their minnions, etc.

america was not built for the african to prosper, and conservatives mean to keep it that way.

a "black conservative"? and in a state like arizona?  what a laugh!

LaMarcus Washington
LaMarcus Washington

Funny how all the racist comments come from the liberals. Show me just ONE racist person leading a Tea Party rally...oh yeah, that's CAN'T! Liberals get extremely nasty, hateful, intolerant, and afraid when conservatives point out which political party has done more for minority rights then any other party in U.S. history. HINT: it wasn't the Democrats. The so-called "racist" conservatives ended slavery, desegragated schools, gave minorities the right to vote, gave women the right to vote, elected the first minority candidates to positions of leadership, and pushed several Civil Rights Acts through Congress that were reluctantly signed by Democrats like Kennedy, who, by the way, hated Martin Luther King, Jr. Look at the historical evidence. The only reason he bailed MLK out of jail was to bribe him for political support. Democrats like Al Gore Sr., Senator Robert Byrd, and others voted AGAINST the Civil Rights Acts and publicly SUPPORTED the Ku Klux Klan. Now tell me again...which party was more racist?


Yeah F' those conservatives! Those evil bastards that um, freed. the. slaves?!?!

Capitalism (a conservative principle) has done more for all races then any other government system. Capitalism doesn't care what color you are, where you are from, our what your family name is. 

I find is beyond ironic that you can make such a sweeping generalization about what is good for African Americans. But of course, let's shame them for wanting to leave the liberal plantation right? After all, the liberal policies of Obama have done wonders for them. 20+ unemployment and a liberal congress that consistently neglects their interests because they take their vote for granted. Not to mention, the incredible dis-incentivization of their welfare programs have done an awesome job right? More like keeping them in the shackles of government programs and poverty. 

I'm curious, have you even wondered outside of your local coffee shop where you espouse your bullshit to actually go to the state sponsored ghettos, projects and section 8 housing that are a direct policy program of the "compassionate left"? How good the left treats minorities!

But hey, liberals always think they know what are good for a group of people, so by all means, tell this black man how he should live his life. After all, that's tolerance right? 

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