Ben Quayle Now Says Obama's Not the "Worst President in History" -- Kind Of

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In what's sort of a running joke since then-congressional candidate Ben Quayle released his goober-ish campaign ad saying "Barack Obama is the worst president in history," Quayle has an update on his stance.

Quayle actually had to defend the video ad after people got a little pissy about it, but he thought it was a slogan so nice, he said it twice.

Since Quayle has a primary election coming up against fellow Republican David Schweikert, Quayle's back to talking about how awful he thinks the president is, this time on the subject of same-sex marriage.

Quayle's campaign released a lengthy quote from this congressman, giving his opinion on Obama's announcement that he supports same-sex marriage.

The good part, though, is Quayle's updated view on the "worst President in history."

"Two years ago, long before millions would reach the same judgment, I called Barack Obama the worst president in history," Quayle says. "I overestimated him."

Put this image in your head as you read it for full effect.

If there's no campaign-ad update on the "worst president ever," that would be disappointing.

You can find Quayle's rant about same-sex marriage below:

"The president is wrong about the issue; marriage should remain as it has always been - between one man and one woman," said Quayle. "But his conduct has been cynical and manipulative because of the obvious calculation and political maneuvering he has demonstrated on a matter of great importance in our nation. The president is a world-class propagandist, and in this case he propagandizes even his own supporters."

"Even proponents of same-sex marriage and others who agree with the president ought to be disgusted by his conduct on this matter," said Quayle. "The real issue is whether same-sex marriage ought to be a Constitutional right; that is the goal of the movement behind it. But the president has not said it should be a right or that he would support efforts to make it one. He has merely said that his opinion is that same-sex couples ought to be able to marry. He is cynically attempting to stir his political base and shake loose their money without even stating support for the real issue. And the fawning reporters who question him do not even force him to answer the real question."

"Thirty-one states have voted to keep marriage between one man and one woman," Quayle continued, "same sex marriage is illegal by statute or Constitutional ban in 44 states, and the Defense of Marriage Act, passed with a lot of Democrat support and signed by Bill Clinton, defines marriage as between one man and one woman under federal law. The American people have put down wide consensus and legal stricture against same-sex marriage, and that is going to be the law in America unless the federal courts attempt to impose it by judicial dictate. The president's mere opinion, which despite his posturing everyone knew full well before his cynical statement, is of little relevance."

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Okay, Bennie-boy, whatever you say.....


Seems like many Arizona Politicians are backing down on the "Stone Casting", since the vast corruption in Arizona Politic's has been brought out in the open:

 The Feista Bowl, Dirty Thirty, Russell Pearce's Electoral Rigging/Manipulating, Arpaio's many Crimes, and vast corruption, and lets not forget good ole Jan Brewer abusing her Government powers to De-Fraud Social Security for $75,000.00 for her knife point Rapist Son Ron as he served his sentence for his henous Crime.

I beleive that as the Indictments begin to Rain Down on Arizona's Political Cesspool, many more festering Turds may think twice before casting stones?

To: Justice, even in Arizona.


Whenever I am stuck for a life problem I always think to myself what would this rich, lazy, never worked a day in his fucking life, pencil neck, geek Ben Quayle do. And then I don't just do the opposite I rejoice in the fact I am not this rich kid punk. A spoiled little girl.


Someone needs a dictionary.

Rep. Quayle - those words don't mean what you think they do.  But, at least you spelled them right.  That's a big improvement over your daddy.

Eric Nelson745
Eric Nelson745

During his '08 campaign he claimed that Obama is the worst president in history.  Care to
guess who was the worst vice-president?

Yeah, his dear old dad who was the clown prince of the Bush-41 administration.  Republican
newspapers such as the San Diego Union openly  wondered, "why Quayle?"

The apple didn't fall far from the tree.


I doubt this is how Quayle felt about girl-0n-girl action when he was blogging for the Dirty Scottsdale. Guess that makes him a flip-flopper.

Tubes Fan
Tubes Fan

Who the fuck cares about this crap.
Quayle, you and all the other do-nothings in Congress oughta be strung up, traitors!
We're in another Great Depression, and you pigs whine about queers marrying.
A guillotine in the Mall, and your heads in the basket, the lot of you.

Steve D.
Steve D.


*not really


Quayle is a little "Silver Spoon" riding Daddy's Skirt Tail.

Eric Nelson745
Eric Nelson745

Ooops.  Add the following to "why Quayle"  ... when Geo. H.W. Bush picked him
for veep.  A lot of folks speculated that it was on account of his looks as a way
to get the womens' vote.

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